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00001 Mathematical modeling of the poly(lactic acid) ring-opening polymerization Mehta R., Kumar V., Upadhyay S.N. WITHDRAWN
00002 The oxidation of aqueous sulfur dioxide by transition metal ions Reda M.
00003 Simulation of batch reactive distillation for methyl acetate production Nakkash N.B., Hamodee H.M.
00006 Proposed amendments for environmental emergency regulations under Section 200 of CEPA 1999 Hradecky K., Reiss R., Shrives J., Ketcheson K.
00007 Treatment of contaminated water using membrane-based solvent extraction Alex S., Biasotto F., Fournier J., Aroca G.
00008 Studies on removal of arsenic from contaminated ground water through a microbial route Bag P., Bhattacharya P., Chowdhury R.
00009 Catalytic liquefaction of wood biomass in sub-/super-critical water Xu C.C.
00010 Analysis of an anaerobic filter for the treatment of high fat effluents of edible oil refineries: experiments and modeling Chakraborty C., Chowdhury R., Bhattacharya P.
00012 Neural networks based control of batch MMA polymerisation Ekpo E.E., Mujtaba I.M.
00013 Effect of solvent on the kinetics and characteristics of polyurea synthesized by interfacial polycondensation (IP) Wagh S.J., Kshirsagar P.R., Patil P.G.
00014 A novel solid acid catalyst for biodiesel synthesis Gopinath R., Kulkarni M., Meher L., Dalai A.K.
00015 The DAD (Double Air Demand) control system for sulphur recovery units d'Haene P.E., Schermann P.S.
00016 Measurements of heat and mass transfer coefficients from a cylinder in cross flow using LCDT Saaed S., Slaiman Q.
00017 Endothelial cell response to shear stress in an asymmetric stenosis model Rouleau L., Farcas M., Tardif J.C., Thorin E., Mongrain R., Leask R.L.
00018 Relationships between environmental stress cracking resistance and tensile strength of high density polyethylene for pipe applications Cheng J.J., Polak M.A., Penlidis A.
00019 Analyse comparée des réglementations touchant le stockage et le transport de matières dangereuses au Québec De Marcellis-Warin N., Peignier I.
00021 Evidence of H2 spillover from Pt/Al2O3 with protected active sites Boateng K.A., Hill J.M.
00022 Le climat réglementaire Lauzon H.
00023 A new local composition-equation of state mixing rule for high-pressure equilibrium calculation of water +ethylene glycol + hydrocarbon systems Haghtalab A., Mazloumi S.H. WITHDRAWN
00024 Transient controller for hybrid fuel cell and lithium-ion battery system Yamagishi E., Al-Hallaj S.
00025 A new approach to capillary rise in porous media Ahadian S., Moradian S., Sharif F., Amani Tehran M., Mohseni M.
00026 The use of artificial neural network (ANN) in order to determine surface tension and viscosity of liquids by the aid of the capillary rise procedure Ahadian S., Moradian S., Sharif F., Amani Tehran M., Mohseni M.
00027 Mathematical modeling of a non-ideal trickle bed reactor used for biodesulfurization of deeply hydrodesulfurized diesel to produce NZSD (Near Zero Sulfur Diesel) Mondal S., Chowdhury R.
00028 Heat transfer in turbulent fluidized beds Leu L.-p., Tao C.-l.
00029 Fluidized bed gasification of biomass: modeling and experimentation Mahinpey N., Nikoo M.B.
00030 Mixing effects in crystallization operations in the pharmaceutical industry Paul E.L.
00031 Hydrocarbon cold start emission control by single-file diffusion Iliyas A., Zahedi-Niaki H.M., Eic M., Kaliaguine S.
00032 Study of dye degradation for the optimization of an atmospheric pressure direct-contact DBD and application to a pharmaceutical compound Jureidini J., Coulombe S., Leclair C., Yargeau V.
00033 Starting a new company: business plan, road show presentation and funding challenges for the founding scientist Skinner J.D.
00034 Phase separation kinetics of polymer solutions Tajparast M., Rey A.D.
00035 Diffusion of hydrocarbons in SBA-16 materials with tailored intrawall porosity Gobin O., Huang Q., Kleitz F., Eic M., Kaliaguine S.
00036 Quantitative, solubility and molecular structure analysis of buspirone hydrochloride polymorphs (anti-anxiety drug) Sheikhzadeh M., Rohani S., Jutan A., Murthy K., Horne S.
00037 Methane storage and transport via gas hydrates Susilo R., Ripmeester J.A., Englezos P.
00038 CFD simulation of fluidized bed gasifier Vejahati F., Mahinpey N.
00039 A new approach for the production of syngas based on an efficient use of electricity Labrecque R., Laflamme C.B., Clayton R.
00040 New non-model based extremum seeking control approach: extremum tracking using process input-output cross correlation Sheikhzadeh M., Jutan A., Rohani S.
00041 High pressure solubility and kinetic rates of carbon dioxide in monoethanolamine, piperazine and 2-(2-aminoethylamino)ethanol solutions Alam M.R., Alem M., Henni A.
00042 Experimental investigation of different turbine sizes in a coaxial mixer Farhat M., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A.
00043 Management of turn-arounds and restarts - the challenges and the rewards Skinner J. D.
00044 Separation of bioethanol from fermentation broth using fatty acids Boudreau T.M., Hill G.A.
00045 Correlation of DMFC electrode fabrication, structure and fuel cell performance Allen R.G., Birry L., Bock C., McMillan R., MacDougall B.
00046 Hydrodynamics of nematic liquid crystal point defects in a cylindrical capillary De Luca G., Rey A.D.
00047 SCR catalyst regeneration of a stationary oil-fired engine Lee J.B., Kim D.W., Park K.I., Park K.K.
00048 Occupied building blast integrity assessment process Marta M.
00049 The production of high quality biodiesel fuel from a novel membrane reactor Cao P., Dubé M.A., Tremblay A.Y.
00050 Kinetics based modeling of gas hydrate formation in the gas pipeline Sarshar M., Fathikalajahi J., Esmailzade F.
00051 A data-driven predictive control design for solid oxide fuel cells Wang X., Huang B., Chen T.
00052 In-situ decontamination of surface waters by filtration Davarpanah N., Mulligan C.N., Fukue M.
00053 Cohesive multicomponent dense powder flow characterization of a pharmaceutical dry formulation for direct compression using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a PAT tool Benedetti C., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
00054 Study of methanol to formaldehyde reaction in fluidized bed reactor Khorshidi J.
00055 Ternary phase diagram for fatty acid methyl ester/methanol/glycerol mixtures Zhang Y., Tremblay A.Y., Dubé M.A.
00056 Fluorescence-based chemometric model for probing protein-protein interactions in protein solutions at different pH values and ionic strengths Elshereef R., Budman H., Moresoli C., Legge R.L.
00057 Experimental characterization of the coaxial mixer hydrodynamics with non-Newtonian fluids Bonnot S., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A.
00058 Quality control of wood/plastic composites by hyperspectral imaging Gosselin R.., Duchesne C., Rodrigue D.
00059 Effectiveness of sulphur-impregnated activated carbons produced using different impregnation methods in mercury vapour adsorption Fuentes de Maria L., Tong S., Jia C.Q.
00060 Pre- and post-combustion capture of carbon dioxide by clathrate hydrate crystallization Kumar R., Linga P., Englezos P.
00061 Liquid-liquid equilibria of the system: methyl oleate, glycerol, hexane and methanol Tizvar R., McLean D.D., Kates M., Dubé M.A.
00062 Liquid-liquid extraction system for optimal separation of glycerol and biodiesel Tizvar R., McLean D.D., Kates M., Dubé M.A.
00063 Integration of control and design: calculation of the "worst-case" scenario Ricardez Sandoval L.A., Douglas P.L., Budman H.
00064 Modeling of a beet sugar extraction tower Faridkho A., Mostoufi N., Shamekhi H., Sotudeh R.
00065 Feasibility of generating sulphur impregnated activated carbon using petroleum coke and flue gases from a copper smelter Morris E.A., Jia C.Q., Tong S.
00066 Liquid crystal defects near surfaces Wincure B., Rey A.D.
00067 Flow-induced metastable liquid crystalline ordering in flexible polymer melts Abukhdeir N.M., Rey A.D.
00068 Response and stability analyses of a recycle bioreactor with reference to removal of SO2 from a simulated gas mixture Dutta S., Chowdhury R., Bhattacharya P.
00069 Copolymer composition control policies and applications Fujisawa T., Penlidis A.
00070 Low-grade oil sands processing using novel polymer aids Masliyah J.H., Li H., Long J., Xu Z.
00071 Momentum and ion transport in neutral hydrogels with charged spherical inclusions Hill R.J.
00072 The electric-field-induced force on a charged spherical colloid embedded in an electrolyte-saturated Brinkman medium Hill R.J.
00073 Clarifying the effect of (TEMPO/ dibenzoyl peroxide) ratio in the nitroxide mediated radical polymerization (NMRP) of styrene Nabifar A., Ximenes J.B., Roa-Luna M., McManus N.T., Vivaldo-Lima E., Lona L.M.F., Penlidis A.
00074 A computer based expert system for conceptual review and cost evaluation of desalination processes Alishiri M., Farhadi F.
00075 Development and evaluation of a prediction model for granule properties in a high shear wet granulation (HSWG) process Dasgupta D., Debnath S., Thibert R.
00076 Measurement of individual malodorous sulfur compounds in ambient air near a Kraft mill Liang V., Catalan L.J.J., Jia C.Q.
00077 Layer inversion and bed contraction in downward liquid fluidization of binary solids Escudie R., Epstein N., Grace J.R., Bi H.T.
00078 Single molecule force spectroscopy of asphaltenes Long J., Zhang L., Xu Z., Masliyah J.H.
00079 Mass transfer and sequestration of carbon dioxide in an algal photobioreactor Powell E.E., Hill G.A.
00080 Geometric constructions of optimal periodic control trajectories Hoeffner K., Hudon N., Guay M.
00082 Control of catalytic flow reversal reactor: a geometric approach Hudon N., Guay M., Perrier M., Dochain D.
00083 Kinetics of bioremediation of naphthenic acids in a rotating bioreactor Paslawski J.C., Hill G.A., Nemati M., Headley J.
00084 Combined electrochemical and photocatalytic treatment of wastewater containing propylene glycol methyl ether and metal ions Weli A., Doan H.D.
00085 Modeling of circulating fluidized bed reactor for ethylene polymerization Aghili A., Tafi N., MIrzaei A.
00086 Enhanced permeability and reverse-selectivity of nanocomposite membranes Hill R.J.
00087 Autothermal partial oxidation of methyl acetate in a catalytic bed reactor Nguyen B.N.T., Leclerc C.A.
00088 The electric-field-induced displacement of a charged spherical colloid embedded in an electrolyte-saturated Brinkman medium Hill R.J., Ostoja-Starzewski M.
00089 Thermal degradation and product powder characteristics in spouted bed drying of liquid feedstocks Osorio-Revilla G., Gallardo-Velázquez T.
00090 An analysis of the crystalline structure of the precursor films used for the production of polypropylene microporous membranes by stretching Sadeghi F., Ajji A., Carreau P.J.
00091 Wastewater treatment modelling in environmental risk assessment Shen J., Gutzman D., Tigner J., Bonnell M.
00092 On extension of UNIQUAC-NRF model to study the solubility of acid gases in alkanolamines Haghtalab A., Dehghani-Tafti M., Al-fadale H.
00093 A robust MPC with input saturation Li X., Marlin T.
00094 CFD modeling and model verification of UV photoreactors Elyasi S., Taghipour F.
00095 Use of a foaming process for separations in liquid waste streams from poultry and mussel industries Chan N.Y., Rouse M.W., Brooks M.S.
00096 Interaction of serum protein fibrinogen with a medical-grade stainless steel 316lvm surface Desroches M.J., Omanovic S., Roscoe S.G.
00097 Rheological properties of short fiber filled polypropylene in elongational flow Férec J., Heuzey M.C., Carreau P.J., Ausias G.
00098 Preosteoblast differentiation using a delivery system with BMPs and bioactive glass microspheres in collagen Bergeron E., Marquis M., Chrétien I., Faucheux N.
00099 Optimum microbial adaptation route for the biodegradation of high concentration of phenol by Pseudomonas fluorescence KNU417 Kwon K.H., Kwon H.M., Lee K.Y., Song I.K., Yeom S.H.
00100 Flow of suspensions in coating dies: experiments and modeling Apostolou K., Hrymak A.N.
00101 Adsorptive removal of phosphate and nitrate anions over ammonium-functionalized mesoporous silicas Saad R., Belkacemi K., Hamoudi S.
00102 Base-catalyzed transesterification of canola oil to fatty acid methyl esters at ambient conditions Ataya F., Dubé M.A., Ternan M.
00103 Experimental determination of solvent gas dispersion in Vapex El-Haj R.E., Lohi A., Upreti S.R.
00104 New surface-modification technique for the improvement of corrosion resistance of a biomedical-grade 316LVM stainless steel Shahryari A., Omanovic S., Szpunar J.A.
00105 High molecular weight, narrow polydispersity polymers mediated by reverse atom transfer radical polymerization in miniemulsion Simms R.W., Cunningham M.F.
00106 Optimal control determination of ethylene polymerization in a high-pressure tubular reactor with different initiators Tendulkar J., Yao Z., Upreti S.R., Lohi A.
00107 Interfacial instability in reactive miscible flow displacements Ghesmat K., Azaiez J.
00108 Thermally-induced phase separation in thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer/polycarbonate blends Lee K.-W.D., Kamal M.R., Chan P.K.
00109 A thermodynamic analysis of the gas former solubility dependency on temperature in the hydrate-liquid water system Bergeron S., Servio P.
00111 Biosorption in nickel plating rinse water treatment Mungroo R., Niu H.
00112 Morphology of methane and carbon dioxide hydrates formed from water droplets in the presence of kinetic inhibitors Breton A., Servio P.
00113 Influence of cell adhesion peptides on osteoblast responses to BMP-9 Marquis M., Lord E., Faucheux N.
00114 Performance and scale-up of the maxblend technology Thome G., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A., Takenaka K.
00115 Influence of serum on alginate-induced macrophage activation Yang D., Jones K.S.
00116 Preparation of FeOOH nanoparticles from its solid powder in aerosol-OT w/o microemulsions Nassar N.N., Husein M. M.
00117 Direct solubility measurements of methane in water in the hydrate formation region Gaudette J., Servio P.
00118 Gas flow measurement: problems and solutions Desaulniers S.
00119 Qualitative and quantitative blend homogeneity determination of a multicomponent dry pharmaceutical formulation for direct compression using near-infrared spectroscopy in a V-type blender Lapointe-Garant P.P., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
00120 Gradient biopolymer porous structures Liu S., Nawaby V., Cao X.
00121 Roles of sulphur in sulphur impregnated activated carbon production and mercury adsorption Cai J. H., Jia C.Q., Tong S.
00122 Managing the consequences of dangerous goods occupancies in Red Deer Phillips K.G., Young D.A.
00123 MPC performance monitoring using a Bayesian graphical model Agarwal N., Huang B., Tamayo E.C.
00124 Identifiability of nonlinear differential-algebraic equation systems Ben-Zvi A., McLellan P.J., McAuley K.B.
00125 Fabrication of anisotropic porous polymeric materials Jiang B.T., Chan P.K., Lee K.-W.D.
00126 The antimicrobial effects of ozone and hydrodynamic cavitation in a liquid whistle reactor Chand R., Bremner D.H., Collier P.J., Namkung K.C.
00127 Oxygen transport and BTEX degradation in a solid-liquid two phase partitioning bioreactor Littlejohns J.V., Daugulis A.J.
00128 Multivariate Image Analysis for on-line estimation of the composition of heterogeneous mixtures of solids Tessier J., Duchesne C.
00129 Role of carbon black on electrical conductivity and rheology of cyclic olefin copolymer carbon fiber composites Hashemi-Motlagh G., Thompson M.R., Hrymak A.N.
00130 Free radical copolymerization of styrene and divinylbenzene in the presence of TEMPO McManus N.T., Roa-Luna M., Vivaldo-Lima E., Lona L.M.F., Penlidis A.
00131 Cellular and molecular delivery in a nerve guidance channel Kim H., Tator C.H., Shoichet M.S.
00132 Development of a chitosan nanoparticle carrier for the anticancer prodrug cladribine Domaratzki R.E., Ghanem A.
00133 Nonlinear simulation of thermo-viscous fingering in non-isothermal miscible displacements in porous media Islam M.N., Azaiez J.
00134 Influence of position and composition on adhesion to injection-molded plates as model automotive parts Deng K., Felorzabihi N., Jiang Z., Winnik M.A., Ryntz R.A.
00135 Utilization of olive solid waste (Jift) in removing chromium from synthetic wastewater Nassar N.N., Mardawi Z., El-Hamouz A., Hilal H.
00136 Membrane ultrafiltration applications in food processing: potential and limitations Ali F., Moresoli C., Mondor M.
00137 Effect of air jet exposure frequency and duration on the breakup of brittle deposits formed on the tube surfaces Eslamian M., Pophali A., Tran H.N., Cormack D.
00141 Optimization of solid oxide fuel cell systems using heat integration techniques Srisiriwat A.
00142 Fluorescence quenching of phenanthrene and anthracene by maleic anhydride (MAH) and n-octadecenyl-succinic anhydride (ODSA) in polypropylene Fang H., Mighri F., Ajji A.
00143 Biodegradation of 17a-ethinylestradiol O'Grady D., Yargeau V.
00145 Investigation of suspended solution droplet evaporation and particle evolution in reduced pressures Eslamian M., Ashgriz N.
00146 Novel focused ion beam preparation and atomic force microscopy approach for characterization of EPDM/PP blends and their thermoplastic vulcanizates Bhadane P., Virgilio N., Huneault M.A., Favis B.D.
00147 Analysis of non-ideality and washout condition of a chemostat used for bioreduction of hexavalent chromium Samanta K., Bhattacharya P., Chowdhury R.
00148 Assessment of plate type evaporators in multi effect desalination processes Alishiri M., Malekpour S.
00149 Multirefinery integration and coordination using mathematical programming Al-Qahtani K., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L.
00151 Mercury adsorption on sulphur-containing activated carbon from petroleum coke Bylina I., Tong S., Jia C.Q.
00152 On the solvent versatility in immobilized amylose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) chiral stationary phase in high-performance liquid chromatography: application to the asymmetric cyclopropanation of olefins Ghanem A.
00153 Dynamic behaviour of a nonlinear catalytic reactor Machac A.M., Henda R.
00154 A simulation model for heavy oil down-hole upgrading Moini B., Kantzas A., Pereira P. WITHDRAWN
00155 Optimizing control of a hybrid fuel cell power system Dalvi A., Guay M.
00156 Modified reactive SMB for production of high concentrated fructose syrup by isomerization of glucose to fructose Ray A.K., Zhang Y., Hidajat K.
00157 Stochastic programming with risk management via minimization of mean-absolute deviation (MAD) for decision-making in petroleum refinery production-operations planning under uncertainty Khor C.S., Elkamel A., Ponnambalam K., Douglas P.L.
00159 Distinguishing kinetic and transport-limited regions for photocatalytic reactions Ray A.K.
00160 Rheological properties of pharmaceutical powders Léonard G., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
00161 An optimization model for the design of a hybrid network for the treatment of industrial waste water Saif Y., Elkamel A., Pritzker M.
00162 A smaller linear programming formulation for one-norm minimization problems in model predictive control Gupta Y.P.
00163 Towards the synthesis of anti-cancer drugs: chiral dirhodium(II) catalyzed asymmetric cyclopropanation of olefins using a new in situ generated phenyliodonium ylides: one pot synthesis and chiral analysis Ghanem A.
00164 Simulation of an amine based CO2 recovery plant Pourjazaieri S.
00165 Quantitative thermography for electrical motor efficiency testing Narrol M., Stiver W.H.
00166 Supported Ni catalysts for oxidative steam reforming of ethanol in the hydrogen production Srisiriwat N., Therdthianwong A., Therdthianwong S.
00167 Stochastic hybrid model of flexible manufacturing systems Egbunonu P.C., Guay M., Graton G.
00168 Experimental investigation of Taylor vortex photocatalytic reactor for water purification Ray A.K.
00169 Initial drop size distribution and its effect on prediction of final distribution in dispersed immiscible liquids Abbasi S., Sharif F.
00170 Patent protection strategies Sajewycz M.
00171 Thermodynamics insight into pharmaceuticals hydrates: a case study Mirmehrabi M., Tadayon S., Yu Q., Deshmukh S.
00172 Co-conversion of gaseous carbon dioxide and a high strength aqueous organic contaminant (phenol) to methane via a UASB reactor Avila Molto A., Mulligan C.N.
00173 An optimization approach for integrating planning and CO2 emission reductions in the petroleum refining industry Ba-Shammakh M.S, Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Croiset E.
00174 A low-head biofilter for recirculating aquaculture systems Conroy J.M., Couturier M., Ma Z., Zheng Y., Desbarats A.
00175 Prevention of major industrial accidents linked with external contractor operations Clément E., Jones J.P., Lacoursière J.-P., Sinclair-Desgagnés B.
00176 Equation for correlating the viscosity of binary and ternary heavy oil-solvent mixtures of high viscosity ratios Black J., D'Orsay L., Miadonye A.
00177 On the incorporation of performance indicators-economics, reliability and flexibility in the conceptual Design of infrastructure systems: model development Ajah A.N., Herder P.M., Grievink J., Weijnen M.P.C.
00179 Multi-objective design optimization of an industrial LDPE tubular reactor Ray A.K.
00180 Monte Carlo simulation of fluid systems at fixed entropy and application to vapor-compression refrigeration cycles Smith W.R., Figueroa-Gerstenmaier S., Lisal M., Nezbeda I.
00181 Evolution of porous structure of pitch-based activated carbon fibers Mushrif S.H., Rey A.D.
00182 Optimal design of petroleum refineries using mixed-integer programming of structural optimization of process flowsheet superstructure with environmental considerations Elkamel A., Khor C.S.
00183 Online HPLC monitoring of biocatalyzed transesterification of benzbromaron metabolite in non-standard solvents: application of immobilized cellulose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) chiral stationary phase (Chiralpak IB) Ghanem A.
00184 Natural convection control of melting in vertical cylindrical containers Subrahmaniyam S., Krishna Parasharan A.V.
00186 An improved mathematical programming model for refinery planning Al-Hajri I., Ba-Shammakh M., Elkamel A., Al-Bahri T., Douglas P.L.
00188 Enantioselective GC and HPLC analysis of cyclopropane derivatives Ghanem A.
00189 Rhamnolipid-enhanced remediation of styrene-contaminated soil followed by anaerobic biodegradation Guo Y., Mulligan C.N.
00191 Anaerobic production of hydrogen in a UASB Bourque J.S., Guiot S.R., Thériault R., Garnier A.
00192 Thermogravimetric analysis of VPO calcination Shekari A., Hansen K.M.S., Fankem C., Tzakova T., Patience G.S.
00193 Pervaporation separation of isopropanol/water mixtures through genipin crosslinked chitosan membranes Hsu H.L., Huang R.Y.M., Chen P., Feng X., Pal R., Douglas P.L., Nawawi M.
00194 Engineering of microstructure and design of a planar composite SOFC cathode: a numerical analysis Kenney B., Karan K.
00195 Continuous purification of monoclonal antibody using a novel two-stage cascade ultrafiltration configuration Mohanty K., Ghosh R.
00196 Capture and bioremediation of toluene from contaminated air in a novel packed bed ELAB Nikakhtari H., Hill G.A.
00197 Hydroxyl radical and hydrogen peroxide production in different ultrasonic reactors Ray M.B., Hu H., Mujumdar A.S.
00198 A modeling language for dynamic optimization (MLDO) Chong Z., Swartz C.L.E.
00199 Preparation of crosslinked poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes using trimesic acid chloride for pervaporation dehydration of isopropanol Xiao S., Huang R.Y.M., Feng X., Hsu H.L., Chen P., Douglas P.L., Pal R., Nawawi M.
00200 Statistical design of experiments to optimize the yield of human pancreatic islet progenitors Hoesli C.A., Szabat M., Luu M., Lakey J.R., Korbutt G.S., Piret J.M.
00201 A novel stochastic model for predicting the long-term stability of wellbores used for underground storage of carbon dioxide Condor J., Asghari K.
00202 Dynamics of ex vivo megakaryopoiesis Hains M.C., Leysi-Derilou Y., Lemieux R., Pineault N., Duchesne C., Garnier A.
00203 Study of the turbulent swirling flow in gas cyclones by PIV Liu Z., Zheng Y., Jia L.
00204 Modelling of corrosion in the primary coolant circuits of CANDU reactors Silpsrikul O., Lister D., Steward F.
00205 Wet air oxidation of benzene Abussaud B., Berk D., Kubes G.
00206 Synergic action of bone morphogenetic proteins and ascorbic acid on the transdifferentiation of human preadipocytes to osteoblasts Lord E., Bergeron E., Faucheux N.
00207 Role of velocity on calcium sulphate scaling under sensible heating conditions Fahiminia F., Watkinson A.P., Epstein N.
00208 Robust model predictive control of nonlinear systems with state, control and rate constraints Mhaskar P., Kennedy A.
00209 Thin-layer electrolyte fabrication for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells by electrophoretic deposition Lankin M., Karan K.
00210 Adsorption separation of methane and nitrogen with silicalite Tezel F.H., Li P.
00211 The impact of asphaltene aggregate size on coke deposition on commercial hydrotreating catalysts Zhao B., Chodakowski M., Shaw J.M.
00212 Characterization of membrane fouling during microfiltration Stressmann M., Moresoli C.
00213 Purification of monoclonal antibody from transgenic tobacco plant by membrane technology Yu D., Ghosh* R.
00215 Laboratory studies of atmospheric photochemical oxidation of oxygenated species Ray M.B., Yang L., Yue L.
00216 A new model for the consolidation of pigments in paper coating Pianet G., Vidal D., Desaulniers E., Bertrand F.
00217 Reactivity and stability of Co-Ni/Al2O3 oxygen carrier in multicycle fluidized bed chemical-looping combustion (CLC) Hossain M.M., de Lasa H.I.
00218 Assessing the quality of time series predictions using generalized profiling Soon A., Harris T.J., McLellan P.J.
00219 Hydrogen production by non-equilibrium plasma treatment of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas: experimental studies and equilibrium simulation Yang Y., Boutot T., Liu Z., Whidden T.K.
00220 Bioactive lactobionic acid production using a novel nanostructured bimetallic catalyst: optimization of the process parameters Cristea Vlad M., Hamoudi S., Arul J., Belkacemi K.
00221 Land-based aquaculture solids management using bio-treatment technology Ramachandran M., Singh K.S., Wilson B.G.
00222 Partial oxidation of methanol for hydrogen production over carbon nanotubes supported Cu-Zn catalysts Eswaramoorthi I., Sundaramurthy V., Dalai A.K.
00223 Determination of macroscopic mixing properties of granular materials from particle tracking experiments Doucet J., Chaouki J., Bertrand F.
00224 Model systems for the rheological investigation of polymer/clay nanocomposites: effect of flow history on build-up and breakdown of nanoclay structures Mobuchon C., Carreau P.J., Heuzey M.C.
00225 A comparison between referred derivative method and Newton-Raphson method for solving nonlinear simultaneous pressure-flow equations in dynamic simulation Mohajer M., Young B.R., Svrcek W.Y.
00226 Stabilization of ferritic stainless steel SOFC interconnects using thin, electronically conductive metal oxide coatings Paulson S., Bateni R., Wei P., Petric A., Birss V.
00227 A PCA-based reactor energy balance monitoring scheme for an industrial LDPE/EVA reactor Sharmin R., Sundararaj U., Shah S.L.
00228 A rigorous CFD modeling of water balance in a single PEM fuel cell Jagannathan A., Mahinpey N., Idem R.
00230 Serum-free media development for the expansion of two types of muscle precursor cells Drouin F., Parent V.A., Sancen-Chaparro L.E., Tremblay J.P., Garnier A.
00231 Adhesion between glass and a new copolymer measured with the atomic force microscope Bai J., Williams M.C.
00232 Heat and mass transfer modeling of a novel biodrying process: lumped system approach and preliminary results Navaee-Ardeh S., Bertrand F., Stuart P.
00233 Removal of arsenate from water using various adsorbent materials Qiu W., Zheng Y.
00234 Monitoring fluidized bed drying of pharmaceutical granules Bojarra M., Briens L.
00235 Accelerated viral particle capture onto surfaces using non-uniform electric fields Wood J.A., Zhang B., Tomkins M., Docoslis A.
00236 Removal of organic contaminants from produced-water using micellar enhanced ultrafiltration Deriszadeh A., Harding T.G., Husein M.M.
00238 Prediction of the effects of potassium, chloride and sulfate on causticizing efficiency Saeidi A.S., Tran H.N., Papangelakis V.
00239 Modélisation de la synthèse de nanopoudres dans un réacteur à plasma inductif Mendoza-Gonzalez N.Y., Proulx P.
00240 Surface properties of modified montmorillonite Uribe J., Kamal M.R., Lennox B.
00241 Dual plasma synthesis of a metal-ethylene glycol nanofluid Tavares J., Coulombe S., Qin C.
00242 Internal vapour cloud explosions: a state-of-the-art review Pierorazio A.J., Thomas J.K., Kolbe M., Goodrich M.L.
00243 Internal vapour cloud explosions: a risk-based case study Pierorazio A.J., Rogers T.M., Moosemiller M.D., Edel M.T.
00244 Stability of tungsten nitride catalysts to sulfur species during hydrotreating of light gas oil derived from Athabasca bitumen Botchwey C., Dalai A.K., Adjaye J.
00245 The analysis and design of microchannel reactors Bellemare-Davis C.A., Karan K., Pharoah J.G., Zak G.
00246 Innovative pyrolysis reactor for the conversion of sugarcane bagasse into bio-oil Jacobson M., Berruti F., Briens C.
00247 Developing IR thermography as an analytic technique for catalysis Aftab K., Epling W.
00248 Synthetic alcohols (methanol as a prototype) from biomass-rich wastes: a strategy enhancing sustainability Merlo-Sosa L.
00249 Iron carbonate film deposition and erosion in aqueous CO2 pipeline flow Kennell G.F.S., Heppner K.L., Evitts R.W.
00251 Photochemical treatment of persistent organic pollutants in metallurgical off-gases Anderson W.A., Zhang L., Peney A., Sawell S., Moralejo C.
00252 CFSE cell division analysis to reveal cytokine effects in erythropoiesis Horner D., Wang W., Audet J.
00253 Metabolic modeling and 13C-labeling flux balance analysis of Rhodococcus strain RHA1, an important organism for environmental biotechnology Frigon D., Hara H., Mohn W.W.
00254 Monitoring of mammalian cell cultures using on-line capacitance measurements Ansorge S., Henry O., Aucoin M.G., , Voyer R.Kamen A.A.
00255 Development of a novel incident potential matrix and severity index for risk quantification and HES performance analysis Condor J., Asghari K.
00256 Bayesian inference for development of soft sensors Khatibisepehr S., Huang B.
00257 Comparative study of cohesionless granular mixing in bin- and V-blenders Lemieux M., Gosselin P., Chaouki J., Bertrand F.
00258 Progressive cavity pumps CFD simulation Alemaskin K., Nandakumar K., Sundararaj U.
00259 Gestion du risque industriel Ricard M.
00260 A study on effective parameters in hydrodesulphurization of oil products in a fluidized bed reactor Rezaei H., Sohrabi M.
00261 Stochastic optimization via Hammersley sampling for rigorous design of chemical processes Dominguez-Palomeque L.F., McLean D.D.
00263 Physicochemical characterization of NiO/Al2O3 oxygen carrier for fluidized bed chemical-looping combustion (CLC) Sedor K.E., Hossain M.M., de Lasa H.I.
00264 Upstream oil and gas fugitive emissions Peachey B.R.
00265 Solvating effect of water on triflic acid : a density functional theory study Bery G., Capehart W., Soldera A.
00266 Intermittent aeration in biological treatment of wastewater containing ethylene glycol using a packed column aerator Thuraisingham G., Doan H.D.
00267 The effect of electroacidification pre-treatment on the filtration behavior of soy protein extracts Skorepova J., Guettler B., Moresoli C.
00268 The role of deinking parameters in neutral deinking process Nguyen Minh H., Nazhad M., Navaee-Ardeh S.
00269 Ethanol steam reforming over Mg-Al mixed oxide-supported nickel catalysts Coleman L.J.I., Croiset E., Hudgins R.R.
00270 Adsorption of trace impurities with activated alumina composites and other adsorbents Tezel F.H., Mulgundmath V.P., Kunkel M., Golden T.C., Mogan J., Morin B.
00271 Shifting gears: the changing nature of emergency preparedness and business continuity planning in the perspective of some recent large-scale emergencies Creedy G.D.
00272 New dyes for energy transfer in polymers Felorzabihi N., Haley J.C., Rezanejad G., Winnik M.A.
00275 A study of the in vitro effects of biomaterials on lymphocyte responses to an allogeneic challenge Farooqui N.Z., Jones K.S.
00276 Rheological model for carbonaceous mesophase mixtures Golmohammadi M., Rey A.D.
00277 Interannual changes in aerosol long-range transport for Alert, Nunavut Huang L., Jia C.Q., Gong S.L.
00278 Nonlinear model predictive control Bequette B.W.
00279 Protein profiling in culture and conditioned medium by multivariate analysis of LCMS signals Michaud F.T., Garnier A., Lemieux L., Duchesne C. WITHDRAWN
00280 Metabolic flux analysis in Aspergillus niger Gheshlaghi R., Scharer J.M., Moo-Young M., Douglas P.L.
00281 Flow pattern shifts in trickle beds under filtration conditions Hamidipour M., Larachi F., Ring Z.
00282 Treatment of a simulated textile dye-wastewater in two-phase and single-phase anaerobic bio-treatment systems Bhattacharyya D., Singh K.S.
00283 Buffer zones and land use planning: the importance of potential rather than actual land use Creedy G.D.
00284 Cyclic production of pure hydrogen from syngas via an ethanol intermediate Chladek P., Croiset E., Hudgins R.R., Silveston P.L.
00286 Effect of microstructure on erosion rates of copper electrodes in an atmospheric pressure plasma reactor Rao L., Munz R.J.
00287 Synthesis of nano-coated Cu nanoparticles for nanofluid applications Qin C., Tavares J., Coulombe S.
00288 Status of heat exchange reformers Thurgood C.P., Amphlett J.C., Mann R.F., Peppley B.A.
00289 Low cost energy related emissions reduction Peachey B.R.
00290 Model predictive control based on neural network for hydrochloric acid recovery process Daosud W., Kittisupakorn P., Hussain M.A.
00291 The control of major accident hazards: what can Canada learn from the leaders? Creedy G.D., Smeding R.S.
00292 Stability and performance of LP-MPC cascade control systems Nikandrov A., Swartz C.L.E.
00293 Excitation signal design for parameter convergence in adaptive control of linearizable systems Adetola V.A., Guay M.
00294 Effect of coupling agent on polymer composites made from industrial waste fibres Leduc S., Galindo Ureña J.R., González-Núñez R., Quirarte J.R., Riedl B., Rodrigue D.
00295 Extraction and characteristics of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides L. ssp. Indian summer) seed and pulp oils Gutiérrez L.F., Ratti C., Belkacemi K.
00296 Degradation of antibiotics in wastewater using ozonation Leclair C., Yargeau V.
00297 Deposition kinetics of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Enterococcus faecalis in model groundwater environments Castro F., Tufenkji N., Faubert G., Madramootoo C.
00298 Incorporating project based learning into unit operations laboratory Royann P., Gyenge E., Kannangara D., Creagh L., Lee Q.F., Sibley J.
00299 Relationship between acute inflammation and biomaterial-induced fibrosis Chang A., Doggart J., Jones K.
00300 Measurement of holdup and residence time distribution of solid particles (RTD) in a Two Impinging Streams Cyclone Reactor (TISCR) in solid-liquid systems Fathi Pirkashani S., Sohrabi M., Kaghazchi T.
00301 Agglomerate fluidization of nanoparticles Esmaeili B., Chaouki J., Dubois C.
00302 An adaptive approach to model predictive control of uncertain nonlinear systems DeHaan D., Guay M.
00303 From atomistic simulation to mesoscopic simulation on Nafion membrane Laflamme P., Capehart W., Soldera A.
00304 Online slurry characterization during settling of polydisperse suspensions using ultrasonic techniques Shukla A., Prakash A., Rohani S.
00305 Mixing as a discipline: emerging from the essentials of equipment design to fundamental control of the scale of segregation Kresta S.M., Aubin J.
00306 Drop dissolution: ten times slower than blending, ten times faster than liquid-liquid break-up Ibemere S., Kresta S.M.
00307 A new "cold" plasma instrument for precise biomedical applications Léveillé V., Coulombe S., Yonson S., Leask R.
00308 Novel mesoporous materials for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds Serna-Guerrero R., Sayari A.
00309 Exploration of a three-phase breathing semi-fluidized bed as an alternative to mitigating plugging with fines in trickle bed reactors Dehkissia S., Baçaoui A., Larachi F.
00310 Adsorption separation of carbon dioxide and nitrogen on silicalite Tezel F.H., Li P.
00311 Mitigating human impacts on climate change Peachey B.R.
00312 Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in a gas-solid fluidized bed of binary particles Pisters K., Prakash A.
00313 Design of a small-scale bioreactor for in vivo NMR analysis of CHO cells Ben-Tchavtchavadze M., Chen J., Perrier M., Jolicoeur M.
00314 Drawdown of floating solids in stirrer tanks: mechanisms and effect of baffle design Khazam O., Kresta S.M.
00315 Investigations of hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer in multiphase reactors of new configurations Jhawar A., Prakash A.
00317 Effect of activated alloys on hydrogen discharge kinetics of MgH2 nanocrystals Dehouche Z., Hamoudi S., Yoo Y., Belkacemi K.
00318 Predicting dynamic permeate flux decline in milk ultrafiltration using neuro-fuzzy methodology Babazadeh Y., Mousavi S.M., Akbarzadeh M.-R.
00319 Molecular simulations of chemically crosslinked polyelectrolyte networks in salt solutions Yin D.-W., de Pablo J.J.
00320 Electric field -templated manipulation and assembly of colloids into ordered structures Docoslis A., Guo Z., Wood J.A.
00321 Fault-tolerant control of process systems using model predictive control Mhaskar P.
00322 Modeling of granular mixing dynamics using Markov chains and the discrete element method Doucet J., Hudon N., Bertrand F., Chaouki J.
00323 Experimental study and kinetic modeling of hydrogen production by non-equilibrium plasma discharge decomposition of methane Yang Y., Boutot T., Liu Z., Whidden T.K.
00324 Hydrocavitational Advanced Fenton Process for industrial wastewater treatment Chakinala A.G., Bremner D.H.
00325 Understanding single-chamber solid-oxide fuel cells Roberge R., Savoie S., Napporn T.W., Morel B., Meunier M.
00326 Hydrogenation/isomerization of vegetable oils over bimetallic supported catalysts on mesostructured silica supports Kemache N., Hamoudi S., Arul J., Belkacemi K.
00327 Preparation and characterization of porous hydrogel particles Fang D.-Y., Pan Q.-M., Rempel G.L.
00328 Effect of Craya-Curtet number and excess air on flame length in lime kilns Aloqaily A., Tran H., Kuhn D.C.S., Sullivan P. WITHDRAWN
00329 Application of mixrture experiments for medium development and optimization in Streptomyces lividans producing Recombinant Human Interleukin 3 (rHuIL-3) Nowruzi K., Elkamel A., Scharer J.M., Moo-Young M. WITHDRAWN
00330 Surface display of yellow fluorescent protein on Escherichia coli Narayanan N., Chou C.P.
00331 Continuous process optimization using an output sign based switch method Jutan A., Ping Y.
00332 Nanoporous materials by templating from block copolymers Graffe A., Maric M.
00333 Temperature increases the yield of adeno-associated virus produced in insect cell culture Aucoin M.G., Kamen A.A., Perrier M.
00334 Primary recovery and purification of adeno-associated virus produced by Baculovirus/insect cell system Chahal P.S., Kamen A.A.
00335 Product powder contamination with fines from the inert bodies in spout-fluid bed drying with submerged draft tube Osorio-Revilla G., Alonso-Segura D., Gallardo-Velázquez T.
00336 Clean coal technologies: overview and opportunities Trass O.
00337 Polyethylene nancomposites based on high thermal stability organoclays Stoeffler K., Lafleur P.G, Denault J.
00338 Numerical simulation of the effects of g-jitters on thermal diffusion process in binary and ternary mixtures Adimoolam A., Mehrvar M., Saghir Z.
00339 Adsorption of cadmium on activated carbon prepared from olive cake waste Aljundi I.H.
00341 CFD modelling of membrane filtration hollow fiber system Marcos B., Moresoli C., Skorepova J.
00342 Real-time economic optimization of process operations: the long road to commercial success Mahalec V., Marlin T.
00343 Carbon nanotubes as filters for nanoparticles Reddy N.K., Rao L., Qin C., Coulombe S., Meunier J.-L., Munz R.J.
00344 Techniques for diagnosing performance-degradation in model-based real-time optimization systems Sherkin M., Hanley C., Forbes J.F., McLellan P.J.
00345 Architecture for model-based decision applications in plant operations Mahalec V.
00346 Dual mode control with neural network based inverse model for a steel pickling process Kittisupakorn P., Daosud W., Hussain M.A.
00347 Effects of operating conditions on the thermal and emission performance of a conical fluidized-bed combustor firing rice husk Janvijitsakul K., Kuprianov V.I., Douglas P.L.
00348 Industrial implementation of the Mg(OH)2-based peroxide bleaching process Ni Y.
00349 Low Reynolds number unstable flows of complex fluids with pH dependent rheology: experimental evidence, stability analysis, applications Burghelea T.I., Frigaard I.A., Feng J.J., Martinez M.
00350 Condensation assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide Chunyue J.
00351 Application of zeolites in heterogenous catalysis Sugungun M.M., Mohammed I.A.
00352 Immobilized laccase on Celite® and continuous elimination of the endocrine disrupting substance bisphenol A in a packed-bed bioreactor Cabana H., Alexandre C., Jones J.P., Agathos S.N.
00353 Conceptual process design for the Canadian oil sands industry: a systems approach for water and energy efficiency Alva-Argaez A., Savulescu L., Hammache A.
00354 Statistical evaluation of the factors affecting the crystal size of hexammoniate in an industrial crystallizer Jenkins D.H., Lwin T.
00356 Microreactors in Industrial R&D Moore E.L., Lee F.P., D'Amato M.J.
00357 Methane emission control in bioreactor landfills Perdikea K., Mehrotra A.K., Hettiaratchi J.P.A.
00358 Dimensions of odour impact Nicell J.A., Henshaw P.
00359 Modeling of non-isothermal fluid catalytic cracking riser reactor Gupta R., Kumar V., Srivastava V.K.
00360 Mass transfer for different rotors in distillation Li X., Liu Y., Yu H.
00361 Using static mixers to intensify inter-phase mass transfer in liquid-liquid contacting operations Al Taweel A.M., Li C., Gomaa H.G., Yuet P.K.
00362 Pervaporation of propyl propionate-water mixtures through PEBA membranes Mujiburohman M., Feng X.
00363 Mechanistic model for nutrient transformations in pulp and paper activated sludge wastewater treatment plants Cotter L., Stuart P.
00364 Optimization of kinetic parameters of polymerization processes using genetic algorithm Sadi M., Dabir B.
00366 CeTECHTM, an ecological and innovative solution to your inefficient and pollutant oxidation process: commercial production of vitamin K3 and its derivatives Mahdavi B., Amouzegar K., St-Amant G.
00367 Bioremediation of diesel-contaminated soil by heated and humidified biopile system in cold climates Sanscartier D., Reimer K., Zeeb B., Koch I.
00368 Treatment of air pollution in a gas-solid fluidized bioreactor Clarke K.L., Hill G.A., Pugsley T.
00369 L'insoutenable légèreté de l'énergie Dumontier S.
00370 Development of a NIR quantitative model to evaluate segregation in a hopper before the compression step of a simple pharmaceutical formulation Abatzoglou N., Cartilier L., Cournoyer A., Simard J.-S.
00371 Intensifying inter-phase mass transfer in multiphase reactors Al Taweel A.M.
00372 LNG hazards and their assessment Alp E.
00373 Using CFD to simulate and design airlift reactors Appasani P., Al Taweel A.M., Ghanem A., Koksal M.
00374 A novel algorithm for filter selection in chemical and petroleum processes Khatibisepehr S., Nikooyeh K., Farhadi F.
00375 Studying different factors on corrosion of coated titanium anodes in NaCl solution Bakhshi E., Abniki F.
00376 A molecular investigation into the microbial community structure of biofilters treating dimethyl sulphide in the presence and absence of methanol Hayes A.C., Liss S.N., Allen D.G.
00377 Controlled particle deposition by design of an electrochemical adsorption cell Bakhshi E., Abniki F., Mosalla M.
00378 Investigation of corrosion on reinforcement concrete with different pozzolans in the sour system Bakhshi E., Abniki F., Mosalla M.
00379 Studying properties of polypyrrole composites using different solutions and additives Eisazadeh H.
00380 Changing Ryznar Stability Index by changing the method of microorganism control in industrial waters Abniki F., Bakhshi E., Heydarian A.
00381 Effect of recycling on polymer foaming Twite E., Rodrigue D.
00382 Phosphate removal using immobilized scallop shells Kwon H.M., Kwon K.H., Jung K.Y., Lee K.Y., Song I.K., Yeom S.H.
00383 Catalyst loading on microreactor monoliths for low-temperature water gas shift reaction Thomas E., Gates G.
00384 Rapid microfabrication of digital microfluidics chips from copper substrates Abdelgawad M., Wheeler A.R.
00385 Limitations of perturbation-based extremum seeking for the steady-state optimization of nonlinear dynamic systems Chioua M., Srinivasan B., Guay M., Perrier M.
00386 Mixing and heat transfer characterization of a microreactor for the polymerization of high-impact polystyrene Méndez L., Dubois C., Tanguy P.A. WITHDRAWN
00387 Micro-contact printing-based fabrication of digital microfluidic devices Watson M.W.L., Abdelgawad M., Ye G., Trottier J., Yonson N., Wheeler A.R.
00388 Mitigation of chemical oxygen demand of green liquor sludge emerging from the chemical recovery plant Ikram M., Babar A., Shahid-Ul-Haq
00390 Determination of chemical changes in the straw based black liquor during its storage at high temperatures Ikram M., Babar A., Kashmiri A.
00391 The role of telomerase and transcription factors Sp1/Sp3 in the lifespan of cultured human skin keratinocytes Paquet C., Fugère C., Gaudreault M., Martel I., Bourget J.M., Guérin S.L., Germain L.
00392 Predicting sizes of toluene-diluted heavy oil emulsions using sE by two kinetic models with H-K and W-C size predictive models Angle C.W., Dabros T., Hamza H.A.
00393 Enzymatic biodiesel production in ionic liquids Ruzich N., Bassi A.S.
00394 Two temperature chemically non-equilbrium modelling of Ar/H2 supersonic ICP: a comparison between a commercial and an open source package Bannari R., El Morsli M., Proulx P.
00395 A growth model for a stem cell aggregate experiencing hydrodynamic shear Gates I.D., Kallos M.S., Sen A.
00396 Validation of CFD modeling of alkali removal in a molten aluminum reactor Bolduc I., Bannari A., Proulx P., Dupuis C.
00397 Thermal plasma production of fumed silica: the influence of quench conditions and agglomeration on powder properties Pristavita R., Munz R.J., Addona T.
00398 Separation of para-xylene from a xylene mixture via crystallization Mohameed H., Abu Jadayil B., Takrouri K.
00399 Model-based - electrical capacitance tomography (MB-ECT) Hadi B., Berruti F., Briens C., Adamiak K. WITHDRAWN
00400 Extraction of polyphenols in hop bract part discharged from beer breweries and their evaluation by solubility parameter Yamamoto H., Daisei K., Nagano C., Takeuchi F., Shibata J., Tagashira M., Ohtake Y.
00401 Empirical hydrodynamic model for demetallization of reduced crude oil in trickle-bed reactor Abbas A., Barno S. WITHDRAWN
00402 Using CFD simulation to assess bubble/drop breakage models Jadeja R.R., Al Taweel A.M., Koksal M., Gupta Y.P., Podilla K. WITHDRAWN
00404 Purification of polyurethane esterase enzyme for the biodegradation of polyurethane foam Gautam R., Bassi A.S., Yanful E.K.
00405 3-D Thermal modeling of a direct internal reforming SOFC Nikooyeh K., Jeje A., Hill J.M.
00406 Biodesulfurization of diesel by R. rhodochrous IGTS8 using ionic liquids Soleimani M., Bassi A.S., Margaritis A.M.
00407 Population balance modelling using the quadrature method of moments Selma B., Proulx P.
00408 Optimization of the nimbin extraction process using AspenPlus Ajchariyapagorn A., Douglas S., Douglas P.L., Pongamphai S.
00409 Electrocatalytic hydrogenation of phenol on a Pd/Al2O3 catalyst: mathematical modelling Bannari A., Proulx P.
00410 Mathematical modeling of electrocatalytic hydrogenation of phenol on a Pd/Al2O3 catalyst: effect of the configuration on efficiency Bannari A., Proulx P.
00411 Rheological study of hydrophobically modified polyelectrolytes Guillaud S., Carreau P.J., Heuzey M.C., Polverari M.
00412 Monte Carlo simulation of charged nanoparticles confined in a cylindrical tube Rahman M.H., Yuet P.K.
00413 A study of adsorption-desorption characteristics of asphaltenes on metal surfaces Rudrake A., Karan K.
00414 Induction plasma torch modelling: a comparison between a commercial and an open source package El Morsli M., Bannari R., Proulx P.
00415 Dry reforming of methane by an atmospheric pressure glow discharge enhanced catalytic reactor Nsungui A.J., Abatzoglou N., Gitzhofer F., Gravelle D.
00416 Two temperature chemically non-equilbrium modelling of air/N2 supersonic ICP El Morsli M., Proulx P.
00418 Hybrid modelling of a pulp and paper mill activated sludge treatment plant: steady-state results Brault J.-M., Comeau Y., Perrier M., Stuart P.
00419 A model for the production of the carbon black by pyrolysis of methane in a supersonic ICP El Morsli M., Proulx P.
00420 Two phase mass transfer coefficients prediction using the class method of population balance Bannari R., Proulx P.
00421 CFD simulation of oil sand conditioning during hydrotransport Naveen B. P., Al Taweel A.M., Koksal M., Friesen W., Gupta Y.P., Podilla K.
00423 Control of ethanol vapour emissions by biotrickling filtration Avalos Ramirez A., Jones J.P., Heitz M.
00424 Practical methods for process safety management Kozma S.
00425 Problems arising from impurities in steam turbines Abniki F., Bakhshi E.
00427 Development of a bioactive stent-graft for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) Charbonneau C., Gautrot J., Hébert M.J., Zhu X., Lerouge S.
00428 Spectroscopic investigation of asphaltene formation in bitumen-solvent mixtures Butler E.N., Miadonye A.
00429 Thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen production by ethanol oxidative steam reforming from atmospheric pressure to supercritical water conditions Srisiriwat N., Croiset E., Therdthianwong A., Therdthianwong S.
00430 Optimal CO2 control strategies with application to the power generation sector Ba-Shammakh M.S, Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Croiset E.
00432 Continuous time domain characterization of mixing in agitated pulp chests Patel H., Ein-Mozaffari F., Upreti S.R.
00433 Modelling an internal batch mixer for polymer processing Bai Y., Sundararaj U., Nandakumar K.
00434 Determination of the kinetics of methane biofiltration in an inorganic bed Nikiema J., Delhoménie M.-C., Heitz M.
00435 A study of the performance of the Freed-based free volume models for binary polymer solutions Radfarnia H.R., Ghotbi C., Taghikhani V.
00436 Characterization of polymeric membranes using contact angle measurement and atomic force microscopy Hyder M.N., Huang R.Y.M., Chen P. WITHDRAWN
00437 Precipitation of asphaltenes and resins from solutions of toluene and n-alkanes Fox W.A., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W.
00438 The effect of total pressure on oxidation of oil-based drilling fluids Shahbazi K., Mehta S.A., Moore R.G., Ursenbach M.G.
00439 A diagnostic tool to determine water flooding in the channel of PEM fuel cells Golpaygan A., Ashgriz N.
00440 Adipose-derived cells for soft-tissue reconstruction: producing human 3D adipose tissues in vitro from precursor cells Fradette J., Trottier V., Vermette M., Saint-Pierre L.
00441 FT-IR investigation of the characteristics of modified phenolic resins from one-pot microwave synthesis MacIntyre M., Miadonye A.
00442 Experimental investigation of explosion occurrence in underbalanced drilling Shahbazi K., Mehta S.A., Moore R.G., Ursenbach M.G.
00443 Predicting coalescence of hydrocarbon/water emulsions from surface pressure isotherms of asphaltene films Urrutia P.I., Sztukowski D.M., Yarranton H.W.
00444 Avoid obstacles when revamping refinery vacuum units Zeidan A.
00445 Corrosion of selected metals and alloys in ammonium hydroxide solutions under different environmental conditions Al-Darbi M. M., Alfantazi A.
00446 Calorimetric characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in very high gravity fermentation Theerarattananoon K., Lin Y.-H., Peng D.-Y.
00447 Whole-cell protein identification using unique peptides Lin Y.-H., Zhao Y.
00448 Stratified fjord Nitinat Lake as a model system for bioremediation of metal-contaminated mine pit lakes Schmidtova J., Baldwin S.A., Muttray A.F.
00449 A mechanism for Na2CO3-enhanced sulphur capture by limestone sorbent in fluidized bed combustion Wang J., Wu Y., Anthony E.J. WITHDRAWN
00451 Self cleaning hydrophobic polymer surfaces Hyder M.N., Chen P., Huang R.Y.M. WITHDRAWN
00452 Modeling asphaltene precipitation in heavy oils/bitumens blended with incompatible oils or diluted with multicomponent solvents Tharanivasan A.K., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W., Hong E., Watkinson P., Rahimi P.
00453 Essential but not inevitable: navigating into a nuclear-powered future Miller A.I., Duffey R.B.
00454 Synthesis of new phosphate materials under ambient conditions Assaaoudi H., Ennaciri A., Harcharras M., Butler I.S., Kozinski J.A.
00456 Use of oscillatory motion and turbulence promoters to enhance microfiltration processes Rao S., Gomaa H.G., Al Taweel A.M., Koksal M., Fels M.
00457 Solubility and viscosity modeling and measurements for Athabasca bitumen-propane and propane-CO2-Athabasca bitumen systems Badaamchi Zadeh A., Maini B., Yarranton H.W.
00458 Dry reforming of ethanol for CO2 sequestration as MWNT: mechanistic aspects of the reaction over an activated carbon steel catalyst Blanchard J., Hassani-Oudghiri H., Jankhah S., Gitzhofer F., Abatzoglou N.
00459 Whole-cell gene expression profiles of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in two different gravity conditions Yang D., Lin Y.-H.
00460 Development of an injectable gel for embolization of the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) Bonneviot M.C., Lerouge S., Soulez G.
00461 A new method to study the solubility of CO2 in amine aqueous solutions Ghotbi C., Goharrokhi M., Taghikhani V.
00462 Successful interaction with internal vendors for distillation tower revamp Zeidan A.
00463 Surface defects of TPO foamed injected molded parts for automotive applications Santoni A., Guo M.C., Heuzey M.C., Carreau P.J.
00464 Performance-driven adaptive PID controller design: theory and experimental evaluation Ohnishi Y., Shah S.L.
00465 Collaborative learning in a second year design engineering course Davidson V.J., Stiver W.H., Newberry J., Hayward M., Rohatynskj M., Yuval L.
00466 Bioprocesses for VOC and odorous compound removal for air treatment: microbial aspects and engineering Andres Y., Le Cloirec P.
00469 Prediction of protein-protein interactions using signature profiling Mahdavi M.A., Lin Y.-H.
00470 La sécurité des procédés industriels chez Norsk Hydro Canada Inc. Usine de production de métal et d'alliage de magnésium Ouellet B.
00471 Assessing energy projects at an integrated newsprint mill using LCA: impact of selected methodological choices Gaudreault C., Bisson J., Samson R., Stuart P.
00472 Process-based approach for supply chain analysis: application in the pulp and paper industry Laflamme-Mayer M., Stuart P.
00473 You can observe a lot just by watching: industrial problem solving via flow visualization Cloeter M.D.
00474 Innovation and Opportunity Atlantic Canada: a partnership in design education at UNB Collins F., Thibault J.D.
00475 Measurements and modeling of non-equilibrium supersonic plasma jets Blais A., Jodoin B.
00476 Cultivations of recombinant chlamydomonas reinhardtii for the production of human interleukin-4 Tang S., Zhang Z.
00477 The Canadian network on biorefining: a driving force for change Browne T., Kerekes R., Towers M., Paris J.
00478 Traitement d'un effluent gazeux industriel fortement chargé en ammoniac par biofiltration sur support organique - étude de cas: Norsk Hydro Canada Inc. Turgeon N., Ouellet B., Buelna G., LeBihan Y., Grenon N., Bélanger D.
00479 Syntheses of nanostructured carbonaceous materials by thermal plasma technology Kim K.S., Imris M., Soucy G.
00480 Simultaneous estimation of vapour liquid equilibria of binary mixtures, chlorodifluoromethane-carbon dioxide, trifluoromethane-carbon dioxide, carbon disulfide-chlorodifluoromethane and carbon disulfide-trifluoromethane using artificial neural networks Karimi H., Yousefi F.
00481 Pinch analysis as a diagnostic tool for energy efficiency enhancement in a kraft mill Mateos E., Meyer P., Marechal F., Paris J.
00482 Effects of process variables on biooxidation of ferrous iron by an indigenous Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in a packed-bed bioreactor Mousavi S.M., Jafari A.
00483 Identifying opportunities for reducing energy/emissions intensity in Canadian industry Kidd G., Navarri P., Giguère D., Putz A.
00484 Adenofection: a simple and efficient process for large-scale helper-dependent adenoviral vector production Dormond E., Durocher Y., Perrier M., Kamen A.A.
00486 Condensing heat recovery for papermaking applications Preto F., He I., Singbeil D., Kish J.
00487 Forest bioenergy and bioproducts: a step-by-step approach to optimize the carbon chain value in the kraft pulp and paper process Navarri P., Stuart P.
00489 Water energy-based targeting a retrofit approach for pulp and paper kraft mills Savulescu L., Poulin B., Alva-Argaez A., Bedard S.
00490 Microwaves as GHG-reducing process tools Paré J.R.J., Bélanger J.M.R., Fairbridge C.
00491 Commissioning and modelling of the world's first commercial demonstration of black liquor gasification Preto F., He I., Rowbottom B., Middleton T.
00493 Optimal grade transition policies for an EVA polymerization plant Alleyne I.R., Shah S.L., Sundararaj U., West B.
00495 Soft sensing quality variables for processes with irregularly sampled multirate data Li W., Ni B., Shah S.L., Xiao D.
00497 Lessons learned from the BP accident Merritt C.W.
00498 Proteomic analysis of softwood-degrading fungi Mahajan S., Master E.R.
00499 Étude de cas: analyse de risque et plan particulier d'intervention pour une chaîne de production Ricard M.
00500 Dry reforming of ethanol for CO2 sequestration as MWNT using carbon steel as the catalyst Jankhah S., Abatzoglou N., Blanchard J., Gitzhofer F., Hassani-Oudghiri H.
00501 La gestion du transport routier des matieres dangereuse sur le territoire de l'agglomeration de Montreal Morin I., Forest M.
00502 Systems biology: reverse and forward engineering approaches in molecular and cellular biology Kaern M.
00503 The potential of novel SMA chemistries in surface sizing of paper and boards Pervaiz M., Sain M.M., Janardhnan S., Dougherty W.
00504 Direct hydrocarbon use in SOFCs Hill J.M., Alzate Restrepo V., Cimenti M., Nikooyeh K., He H., Clemmer R.
00505 Wall-to-bed heat transfer coefficient in three phase sparged reactors Rao K.S.K., Bommareddy S.
00506 Plant health management: the role of digital automation systems in process monitoring Shah S.L.
00507 Development of a characterization tool for triple phase boundary measurement using a tomographic approach Rivard T., Gitzhofer F., Abatzoglou N.
00508 Direction technique dans les usines opérantes Simoneau R.
00510 Design-oriented research for process understanding and optimization of divided solids mixing in pharmaceutical processes Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
00511 The chemical engineering integrated learning project at the Université de Sherbrooke Nikiema J., Heitz M. WITHDRAWN
00512 One dimensional heat and mass transfer modeling of a novel continuous biodrying process: physical modeling and preliminary results Navaee-Ardeh S., Bertrand F., Stuart P.
00513 Comparative study on nanostructured SOFC electrolyte deposition using solution and suspension plasma spraying Jia L., Gitzhofer F.
00514 Thermogravimetric studies on VPO catalyst during calcination Shekari A., Hansen K.M.S., Fankem C., Tzakova T., Patience G.S.
00515 Steam usage reduction in a black liquor evaporator train Meyer-Heye P., Perrier M., Paris J.
00516 Inductively coupled thermal plasma synthesis of ceria nano-powders Jia L., Gitzhofer F.
00517 Stimulatory effect of tea in enhanced bacterial cellulose production Mahabir S., Guhados G., Wan W.K.
00518 The bacterial cellulose - silver system: a nano / nano antimicrobial material technology platform Guhados G., Panchal C., Wan W.K.
00520 Application of two-color pyrometry during impact and spreading of plasma-sprayed particles McDonald A., Chandra S., Moreau C.
00521 Kinetics of biodegradation of p-xylene and naphthalene and oxygen transfer in a novel airlift immobilized bioreactor Jajuee B.J., Margaritis A.M., Karamanev D.K.
00523 Sustainability and green chemicals: a challenge and opportunity for chemical engineers Chornet E.
00524 Change of nanostructure and size along the reactor wall in the thermal plasma synthesis of nanoparticles Mostajeran Goortani B., Mendoza N., Proulx P.
00526 Breakthrough behaviour of H2S adsorption under elevated pressures Wang D.M., Guo H.X., Miao M.Q., Wang H., Chuang K.T.
00527 Gasification as an approach to convert waste into clean synthetic gas: applications to urban biomass and petroleum residues Valsecchi B.
00528 Controlled release to reduce biocide leaching from wood Salma U., Matuana L., Dawson-Andoh B., Heiden P. WITHDRAWN
00529 Elimination of endocrine disrupting chemicals nonylphenol, bisphenol A and triclosan using crossed-linked laccase aggregates from the white-rot fungus Coriolopsis polyzona Cabana H., Jones J.P., Agathos S.N.
00531 Matrix treatment of images for obtaining experimental data Rivard T., Nsungui A.J.
00532 Security risk assessment of chemical process industries Bajpai S., Gupta J.P.
00533 Alcoholic fermentation kinetic of lager and ale beers Avalos Ramirez A., Deschamps J., Mayrand P., Toussaint A., Lévesque A., Bouillon F.
00534 Study of the thermal boundary layer of a supersonic impinging plasma jet Xue S., Lakaf Y., Gravelle D., Boulos M.I.
00535 Materials processing using induction plasma technology Boulos M.I., Dolbec R., Fan X., Guo J.
00536 Near infrared spectroscopy for flowing powder API monitoring - a PAT application for "Quality by Design" Benedetti C., Simard J.-S., Abatzoglou N.
00537 Induction plasma spraying of refractory metals Fan X., Kovarik O., Boulos M.I.
00539 In-line blend homogeneity determination of a multicomponent dry pharmaceutical formulation using near-infrared spectroscopy in a V-blender process Lapointe-Garant P.P., Simard J.-S., Abatzoglou N.
00540 Preosteoblasts differentiation using a delivery system with BMPs and bioactive glass microspheres in type I collagen gel Bergeron E., Marquis M., Chrétien I., Faucheux N.
00541 Reforming of methane with CO2 by an atmospheric pressure glow discharge Nsungui A.J., Abatzoglou N., Gitzhofer F., Gravelle D.
00542 Influence of RGD and DGEA peptides on human osteoblast responses to BMP 9 Marquis M., Faucheux N.
00543 Validation of CFD modeling of alkali removal in a molten aluminum treatment reactor Bolduc I., Bannari A., Proulx P., Dupuis C.
00544 Population balance modelling using the quadrature method of moments Selma B., Proulx P.
00546 Induction plasma synthesis of Titania nanopowders Nessim C., Boulos M.I.
00548 Influence de la réglementation sur la gestion des risques industriels et les accidents : comparaison entre l'Europe et le Canada Maréchal D.
00550 Hybrid biomaterials for regenerative medicine Buschmann M.D.
00551 Drug delivery and tissue engineering strategies Shoichet M.S.
00552 Biomaterials: protein-surface interactions and biocompatibility Brash J.L.
00554 Chondrocyte proliferation at the agarose-media interface resembles appositional mechanisms of the epiphyseal growth plate Tran-Khanh N., Lavertu M., Hoemann C.D., Buschmann M.D.
00555 Thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between DNA and chitosan and stability of DNA/chitosan complexes for gene transfer Ma P.L., Buschmann M.D., Winnik F.M.
00556 Effect of chitosan on bone marrow stromal cell osteogenesis Hoang M.P., Lavalée G., Sun J., El-Gabalawy H., Hoemann C.D.
00558 Cross-linked chitosan hydrogels for cartilage repair applications Hoemann C.D., Chenite A., Sun J., Hurtig M., Serreqi A., Lu Z., Buschmann M.D.
00559 Studies on the mechanism of thermal gelation of chitosan-glycerol phosphate solutions Lavertu M., Filion D., Schmid A., Zayani M., Buschmann M.D.
00560 Chemotactic response of human and rabbit bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells towards components of a hybrid biomaterial for cartilage repair Thibault M., Buschmann M.D.
00561 Chondrocyte aggregation in suspension culture is mediated by integrins for freshly isolated chondrocytes and by integrins and N-cadherins for passaged chondrocytes Gigout A., Jolicoeur M., Buschmann M.D.
00562 Chondrocytes cultured in stirred suspension bioreactors with Pluronic F68 maintain viability with limited cell aggregation and internalise Pluronic F68 Gigout A., Buschmann M.D., Jolicoeur M.
00563 The practical essentials of industrial risk management Wilson L.
00564 Process analytical technologies in the pharmaceutical industry and the role of chemical engineering Levins J.
00565 An update on CCPA Process-Related Incidents Measure (PRIM) program Marta M.
00567 Safety culture Merritt C.W.
00568 Revue des principaux incidents ayant valeur de leçon rapportés dans le cadre du programme PRIM Gauvin R.
00569 La Sécurité Civile au Québec Doré M.
00570 Resilience Engineering Wreathall J.
00573 Learning from industrial data: the key to productivity and quality improvement MacGregor J.F.
00574 Effects of temperature, inlet concentration, gas humidity and water content on a-pinene removal in a fungal biofilter Jin Y., Veiga M.C., Kennes C.

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