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17:00 00152 <poster> On the solvent versatility in immobilized amylose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) chiral stationary phase in high-performance liquid chromatography: application to the asymmetric cyclopropanation of olefins Ghanem A.
17:00 00188 <poster> Enantioselective GC and HPLC analysis of cyclopropane derivatives Ghanem A.
17:00 00518 <poster> The bacterial cellulose - silver system: a nano / nano antimicrobial material technology platform Guhados G., Panchal C., Wan W.K.
17:00 00469 <poster> Prediction of protein-protein interactions using signature profiling Mahdavi M.A., Lin Y.-H.
17:00 00391 <poster> The role of telomerase and transcription factors Sp1/Sp3 in the lifespan of cultured human skin keratinocytes Paquet C., Fugère C., Gaudreault M., Martel I., Bourget J.M., Guérin S.L., Germain L.
17:00 00193 <poster> Pervaporation separation of isopropanol/water mixtures through genipin crosslinked chitosan membranes Hsu H.L., Huang R.Y.M., Chen P., Feng X., Pal R., Douglas P.L., Nawawi M.
17:00 00517 <poster> Stimulatory effect of tea in enhanced bacterial cellulose production Mahabir S., Guhados G., Wan W.K.
17:00 00441 <poster> FT-IR investigation of the characteristics of modified phenolic resins from one-pot microwave synthesis MacIntyre M., Miadonye A.
17:00 00480 <poster> Simultaneous estimation of vapour liquid equilibria of binary mixtures, chlorodifluoromethane-carbon dioxide, trifluoromethane-carbon dioxide, carbon disulfide-chlorodifluoromethane and carbon disulfide-trifluoromethane using artificial neural networks Karimi H., Yousefi F.
17:00 00461 <poster> A new method to study the solubility of CO2 in amine aqueous solutions Ghotbi C., Goharrokhi M., Taghikhani V.
17:00 00003 <poster> Simulation of batch reactive distillation for methyl acetate production Nakkash N.B., Hamodee H.M.
17:00 00013 <poster> Effect of solvent on the kinetics and characteristics of polyurea synthesized by interfacial polycondensation (IP) Wagh S.J., Kshirsagar P.R., Patil P.G.
17:00 00359 <poster> Modeling of non-isothermal fluid catalytic cracking riser reactor Gupta R., Kumar V., Srivastava V.K.
17:00 00401 <poster> Empirical hydrodynamic model for demetallization of reduced crude oil in trickle-bed reactor Abbas A., Barno S. WITHDRAWN
17:00 00054 <poster> Study of methanol to formaldehyde reaction in fluidized bed reactor Khorshidi J.
17:00 00505 <poster> Wall-to-bed heat transfer coefficient in three phase sparged reactors Rao K.S.K., Bommareddy S.
17:00 00028 <poster> Heat transfer in turbulent fluidized beds Leu L.-p., Tao C.-l.
17:00 00260 <poster> A study on effective parameters in hydrodesulphurization of oil products in a fluidized bed reactor Rezaei H., Sohrabi M.
17:00 00377 <poster> Controlled particle deposition by design of an electrochemical adsorption cell Bakhshi E., Abniki F., Mosalla M.
17:00 00425 <poster> Problems arising from impurities in steam turbines Abniki F., Bakhshi E.
17:00 00050 <poster> Kinetics based modeling of gas hydrate formation in the gas pipeline Sarshar M., Fathikalajahi J., Esmailzade F.
17:00 00528 <poster> Controlled release to reduce biocide leaching from wood Salma U., Matuana L., Dawson-Andoh B., Heiden P. WITHDRAWN
17:00 00532 <poster> Security risk assessment of chemical process industries Bajpai S., Gupta J.P.
17:00 00565 <poster> An update on CCPA Process-Related Incidents Measure (PRIM) program Marta M.
17:00 00259 <poster> Gestion du risque industriel Ricard M.
17:00 00210 <poster> Adsorption separation of methane and nitrogen with silicalite Tezel F.H., Li P.
17:00 00374 <poster> A novel algorithm for filter selection in chemical and petroleum processes Khatibisepehr S., Nikooyeh K., Farhadi F.

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