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16:40 00295 <poster> Extraction and characteristics of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides L. ssp. Indian summer) seed and pulp oils Gutiérrez L.F., Ratti C., Belkacemi K.
16:40 00220 <poster> Bioactive lactobionic acid production using a novel nanostructured bimetallic catalyst: optimization of the process parameters Cristea Vlad M., Hamoudi S., Arul J., Belkacemi K.
16:40 00234 <poster> Monitoring fluidized bed drying of pharmaceutical granules Bojarra M., Briens L.
16:40 00428 <poster> Spectroscopic investigation of asphaltene formation in bitumen-solvent mixtures Butler E.N., Miadonye A.
16:40 00330 <poster> Surface display of yellow fluorescent protein on Escherichia coli Narayanan N., Chou C.P.
16:40 00350 <poster> Condensation assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide Chunyue J.
16:40 00183 <poster> Online HPLC monitoring of biocatalyzed transesterification of benzbromaron metabolite in non-standard solvents: application of immobilized cellulose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) chiral stationary phase (Chiralpak IB) Ghanem A.
16:40 00163 <poster> Towards the synthesis of anti-cancer drugs: chiral dirhodium(II) catalyzed asymmetric cyclopropanation of olefins using a new in situ generated phenyliodonium ylides: one pot synthesis and chiral analysis Ghanem A.
16:40 00104 <poster> New surface-modification technique for the improvement of corrosion resistance of a biomedical-grade 316LVM stainless steel Shahryari A., Omanovic S., Szpunar J.A.
16:40 00555 <poster> Thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between DNA and chitosan and stability of DNA/chitosan complexes for gene transfer Ma P.L., Buschmann M.D., Winnik F.M.
16:40 00559 <poster> Studies on the mechanism of thermal gelation of chitosan-glycerol phosphate solutions Lavertu M., Filion D., Schmid A., Zayani M., Buschmann M.D.
16:40 00561 <poster> Chondrocyte aggregation in suspension culture is mediated by integrins for freshly isolated chondrocytes and by integrins and N-cadherins for passaged chondrocytes Gigout A., Jolicoeur M., Buschmann M.D.
16:40 00562 <poster> Chondrocytes cultured in stirred suspension bioreactors with Pluronic F68 maintain viability with limited cell aggregation and internalise Pluronic F68 Gigout A., Buschmann M.D., Jolicoeur M.
16:40 00318 <poster> Predicting dynamic permeate flux decline in milk ultrafiltration using neuro-fuzzy methodology Babazadeh Y., Mousavi S.M., Akbarzadeh M.-R.
16:40 00099 <poster> Optimum microbial adaptation route for the biodegradation of high concentration of phenol by Pseudomonas fluorescence KNU417 Kwon K.H., Kwon H.M., Lee K.Y., Song I.K., Yeom S.H.
16:40 00382 <poster> Phosphate removal using immobilized scallop shells Kwon H.M., Kwon K.H., Jung K.Y., Lee K.Y., Song I.K., Yeom S.H.
16:40 00400 <poster> Extraction of polyphenols in hop bract part discharged from beer breweries and their evaluation by solubility parameter Yamamoto H., Daisei K., Nagano C., Takeuchi F., Shibata J., Tagashira M., Ohtake Y.
16:40 00388 <poster> Mitigation of chemical oxygen demand of green liquor sludge emerging from the chemical recovery plant Ikram M., Babar A., Shahid-Ul-Haq
16:40 00390 <poster> Determination of chemical changes in the straw based black liquor during its storage at high temperatures Ikram M., Babar A., Kashmiri A.
16:40 00335 <poster> Product powder contamination with fines from the inert bodies in spout-fluid bed drying with submerged draft tube Osorio-Revilla G., Alonso-Segura D., Gallardo-Velázquez T.
16:40 00089 <poster> Thermal degradation and product powder characteristics in spouted bed drying of liquid feedstocks Osorio-Revilla G., Gallardo-Velázquez T.
16:40 00451 <poster> Self cleaning hydrophobic polymer surfaces Hyder M.N., Chen P., Huang R.Y.M. WITHDRAWN
16:40 00379 <poster> Studying properties of polypyrrole composites using different solutions and additives Eisazadeh H.
16:40 00085 <poster> Modeling of circulating fluidized bed reactor for ethylene polymerization Aghili A., Tafi N., MIrzaei A.
16:40 00364 <poster> Optimization of kinetic parameters of polymerization processes using genetic algorithm Sadi M., Dabir B.
16:40 00526 <poster> Breakthrough behaviour of H2S adsorption under elevated pressures Wang D.M., Guo H.X., Miao M.Q., Wang H., Chuang K.T.
16:40 00027 <poster> Mathematical modeling of a non-ideal trickle bed reactor used for biodesulfurization of deeply hydrodesulfurized diesel to produce NZSD (Near Zero Sulfur Diesel) Mondal S., Chowdhury R.
16:40 00339 <poster> Adsorption of cadmium on activated carbon prepared from olive cake waste Aljundi I.H.
16:40 00010 <poster> Analysis of an anaerobic filter for the treatment of high fat effluents of edible oil refineries: experiments and modeling Chakraborty C., Chowdhury R., Bhattacharya P.
16:40 00008 <poster> Studies on removal of arsenic from contaminated ground water through a microbial route Bag P., Bhattacharya P., Chowdhury R.
16:40 00147 <poster> Analysis of non-ideality and washout condition of a chemostat used for bioreduction of hexavalent chromium Samanta K., Bhattacharya P., Chowdhury R.
16:40 00007 <poster> Treatment of contaminated water using membrane-based solvent extraction Alex S., Biasotto F., Fournier J., Aroca G.
16:40 00047 <poster> SCR catalyst regeneration of a stationary oil-fired engine Lee J.B., Kim D.W., Park K.I., Park K.K.
16:40 00378 <poster> Investigation of corrosion on reinforcement concrete with different pozzolans in the sour system Bakhshi E., Abniki F., Mosalla M.

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