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Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Marc Dubé

13:40 00114 Performance and scale-up of the maxblend technology Thome G., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A., Takenaka K.
14:00 00057 Experimental characterization of the coaxial mixer hydrodynamics with non-Newtonian fluids Bonnot S., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A.
14:20 00169 Initial drop size distribution and its effect on prediction of final distribution in dispersed immiscible liquids Abbasi S., Sharif F.
14:40 00309 Exploration of a three-phase breathing semi-fluidized bed as an alternative to mitigating plugging with fines in trickle bed reactors Dehkissia S., Baçaoui A., Larachi F.

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