Tuesday PM

THER3R Magog


Organizer(s) - Denis Gravelle
Chair(s) - William Smith and Pak Yuet

15:40 00319 Molecular simulations of chemically crosslinked polyelectrolyte networks in salt solutions Yin D.-W., de Pablo J.J.
16:00 00180 Monte Carlo simulation of fluid systems at fixed entropy and application to vapor-compression refrigeration cycles Smith W.R., Figueroa-Gerstenmaier S., Lisal M., Nezbeda I.
16:20 00023 A new local composition-equation of state mixing rule for high-pressure equilibrium calculation of water +ethylene glycol + hydrocarbon systems Haghtalab A., Mazloumi S.H. WITHDRAWN
16:40 00092 On extension of UNIQUAC-NRF model to study the solubility of acid gases in alkanolamines Haghtalab A., Dehghani-Tafti M., Al-fadale H.

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