Monday PM

THER2L Brome


Organizer(s) - Denis Gravelle
Chair(s) - Juan Vera and Pak Yuet

13:40 00437 Precipitation of asphaltenes and resins from solutions of toluene and n-alkanes Fox W.A., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W.
14:00 00413 A study of adsorption-desorption characteristics of asphaltenes on metal surfaces Rudrake A., Karan K.
14:20 00452 Modeling asphaltene precipitation in heavy oils/bitumens blended with incompatible oils or diluted with multicomponent solvents Tharanivasan A.K., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W., Hong E., Watkinson P., Rahimi P.
14:40 00443 Predicting coalescence of hydrocarbon/water emulsions from surface pressure isotherms of asphaltene films Urrutia P.I., Sztukowski D.M., Yarranton H.W.

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