Monday AM

THER1L d'Argent


Organizer(s) - Denis Gravelle
Chair(s) - Juan Vera and Sasha Omanovic

10:00 00457 Solubility and viscosity modeling and measurements for Athabasca bitumen-propane and propane-CO2-Athabasca bitumen systems Badaamchi Zadeh A., Maini B., Yarranton H.W.
10:20 00112 Morphology of methane and carbon dioxide hydrates formed from water droplets in the presence of kinetic inhibitors Breton A., Servio P.
10:40 00109 A thermodynamic analysis of the gas former solubility dependency on temperature in the hydrate-liquid water system Bergeron S., Servio P.
11:00 00117 Direct solubility measurements of methane in water in the hydrate formation region Gaudette J., Servio P.

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