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SEPN3R Magog

Separation Processes

Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Boguslaw Kruczek

13:40 00392 Predicting sizes of toluene-diluted heavy oil emulsions using sE by two kinetic models with H-K and W-C size predictive models Angle C.W., Dabros T., Hamza H.A.
14:00 00035 Diffusion of hydrocarbons in SBA-16 materials with tailored intrawall porosity Gobin O., Huang Q., Kleitz F., Eic M., Kaliaguine S.
14:20 00203 Study of the turbulent swirling flow in gas cyclones by PIV Liu Z., Zheng Y., Jia L.
14:40 00361 Using static mixers to intensify inter-phase mass transfer in liquid-liquid contacting operations Al Taweel A.M., Li C., Gomaa H.G., Yuet P.K.
15:00 00300 Measurement of holdup and residence time distribution of solid particles (RTD) in a Two Impinging Streams Cyclone Reactor (TISCR) in solid-liquid systems Fathi Pirkashani S., Sohrabi M., Kaghazchi T.

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