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SEPN1L d Nations

Separation Processes

Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Corey Leclerc

10:00 00462 Successful interaction with internal vendors for distillation tower revamp Zeidan A.
10:20 00444 Avoid obstacles when revamping refinery vacuum units Zeidan A.
10:40 00070 Low-grade oil sands processing using novel polymer aids Masliyah J.H., Li H., Long J., Xu Z.
11:00 00449 A mechanism for Na2CO3-enhanced sulphur capture by limestone sorbent in fluidized bed combustion Wang J., Wu Y., Anthony E.J. WITHDRAWN
11:20 00270 Adsorption of trace impurities with activated alumina composites and other adsorbents Tezel F.H., Mulgundmath V.P., Kunkel M., Golden T.C., Mogan J., Morin B.

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