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Organizer(s) - J. Peter Jones
Chair(s) - Handan Tezel

10:00 00076 Measurement of individual malodorous sulfur compounds in ambient air near a Kraft mill Liang V., Catalan L.J.J., Jia C.Q.
10:20 00358 Dimensions of odour impact Nicell J.A., Henshaw P.
10:40 00236 Removal of organic contaminants from produced-water using micellar enhanced ultrafiltration Deriszadeh A., Harding T.G., Husein M.M.
11:00 00233 Removal of arsenate from water using various adsorbent materials Qiu W., Zheng Y.
11:20 00347 Effects of operating conditions on the thermal and emission performance of a conical fluidized-bed combustor firing rice husk Janvijitsakul K., Kuprianov V.I., Douglas P.L.
11:40 00143 Biodegradation of 17a-ethinylestradiol O'Grady D., Yargeau V.

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