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Waste Management

Organizer(s) - J. Peter Jones
Chair(s) - Gordon Hill and Nathalie Tufenkji

13:20 00527 Gasification as an approach to convert waste into clean synthetic gas: applications to urban biomass and petroleum residues Valsecchi B.
13:40 00266 Intermittent aeration in biological treatment of wastewater containing ethylene glycol using a packed column aerator Thuraisingham G., Doan H.D.
14:00 00367 Bioremediation of diesel-contaminated soil by heated and humidified biopile system in cold climates Sanscartier D., Reimer K., Zeeb B., Koch I.
14:20 00282 Treatment of a simulated textile dye-wastewater in two-phase and single-phase anaerobic bio-treatment systems Bhattacharyya D., Singh K.S.
14:40 00221 Land-based aquaculture solids management using bio-treatment technology Ramachandran M., Singh K.S., Wilson B.G.
15:00 00065 Feasibility of generating sulphur impregnated activated carbon using petroleum coke and flue gases from a copper smelter Morris E.A., Jia C.Q., Tong S.

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