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ENV2L Fraser

Environment and Biotechnologies

Organizer(s) - Michèle Heitz, Josiane Nikiema, Marie-Claude Dion St-Pierre and J. Peter Jones
Chair(s) - Yves Andres and Christian Kennes

13:40 00466 Bioprocesses for VOC and odorous compound removal for air treatment: microbial aspects and engineering Andres Y., Le Cloirec P.
14:20 00434 Determination of the kinetics of methane biofiltration in an inorganic bed Nikiema J., Delhoménie M.-C., Heitz M.
14:40 00478 Traitement d'un effluent gazeux industriel fortement chargé en ammoniac par biofiltration sur support organique - étude de cas: Norsk Hydro Canada Inc. Turgeon N., Ouellet B., Buelna G., LeBihan Y., Grenon N., Bélanger D.
15:20 00423 Control of ethanol vapour emissions by biotrickling filtration Avalos Ramirez A., Jones J.P., Heitz M.
15:40 00368 Treatment of air pollution in a gas-solid fluidized bioreactor Clarke K.L., Hill G.A., Pugsley T.
16:00 00196 Capture and bioremediation of toluene from contaminated air in a novel packed bed ELAB Nikakhtari H., Hill G.A.
16:20 00574 Effects of temperature, inlet concentration, gas humidity and water content on a-pinene removal in a fungal biofilter Jin Y., Veiga M.C., Kennes C.

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