Monday AM

ENV1L Fraser

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Organizer(s) - J. Peter Jones and Michèle Heitz
Chair(s) - Handan Tezel

10:00 00201 A novel stochastic model for predicting the long-term stability of wellbores used for underground storage of carbon dioxide Condor J., Asghari K.
10:20 00079 Mass transfer and sequestration of carbon dioxide in an algal photobioreactor Powell E.E., Hill G.A.
10:40 00458 Dry reforming of ethanol for CO2 sequestration as MWNT: mechanistic aspects of the reaction over an activated carbon steel catalyst Blanchard J., Hassani-Oudghiri H., Jankhah S., Gitzhofer F., Abatzoglou N.
11:00 00310 Adsorption separation of carbon dioxide and nitrogen on silicalite Tezel F.H., Li P.
11:20 00172 Co-conversion of gaseous carbon dioxide and a high strength aqueous organic contaminant (phenol) to methane via a UASB reactor Avila Molto A., Mulligan C.N.

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