Wednesday PM

TRAN6L d'Argent

Heat and Mass Transfer

Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Denis Gravelle

15:40 00025 A new approach to capillary rise in porous media Ahadian S., Moradian S., Sharif F., Amani Tehran M., Mohseni M.
16:00 00184 Natural convection control of melting in vertical cylindrical containers Subrahmaniyam S., Krishna Parasharan A.V.
16:20 00148 Assessment of plate type evaporators in multi effect desalination processes Alishiri M., Malekpour S.
16:40 00064 Modeling of a beet sugar extraction tower Faridkho A., Mostoufi N., Shamekhi H., Sotudeh R.

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