Tuesday AM

TRAN2L d'Argent

Fluid Dynamics

Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Edward Paul

10:00 00042 Experimental investigation of different turbine sizes in a coaxial mixer Farhat M., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A.
10:20 00276 Rheological model for carbonaceous mesophase mixtures Golmohammadi M., Rey A.D.
10:40 00420 Two phase mass transfer coefficients prediction using the class method of population balance Bannari R., Proulx P.
11:00 00176 Equation for correlating the viscosity of binary and ternary heavy oil-solvent mixtures of high viscosity ratios Black J., D'Orsay L., Miadonye A.
11:20 00305 Mixing as a discipline: emerging from the essentials of equipment design to fundamental control of the scale of segregation Kresta S.M., Aubin J.

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