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PPAP2L d Nations

Pulp and Paper

Organizer(s) - Robert Lanouette and Chantal Goyette
Chair(s) - Jean Paris

13:40 00515 Steam usage reduction in a black liquor evaporator train Meyer-Heye P., Perrier M., Paris J.
14:00 00481 Pinch analysis as a diagnostic tool for energy efficiency enhancement in a kraft mill Mateos E., Meyer P., Marechal F., Paris J.
14:20 00328 Effect of Craya-Curtet number and excess air on flame length in lime kilns Aloqaily A., Tran H., Kuhn D.C.S., Sullivan P. WITHDRAWN
14:40 00238 Prediction of the effects of potassium, chloride and sulfate on causticizing efficiency Saeidi A.S., Tran H.N., Papangelakis V.
15:00 00137 Effect of air jet exposure frequency and duration on the breakup of brittle deposits formed on the tube surfaces Eslamian M., Pophali A., Tran H.N., Cormack D.
15:40 00487 Forest bioenergy and bioproducts: a step-by-step approach to optimize the carbon chain value in the kraft pulp and paper process Navarri P., Stuart P.
16:00 00486 Condensing heat recovery for papermaking applications Preto F., He I., Singbeil D., Kish J.
16:20 00491 Commissioning and modelling of the world's first commercial demonstration of black liquor gasification Preto F., He I., Rowbottom B., Middleton T.
16:40 00489 Water energy-based targeting a retrofit approach for pulp and paper kraft mills Savulescu L., Poulin B., Alva-Argaez A., Bedard S.

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