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PPAP1L d Nations

Pulp and Paper

Organizer(s) - Robert Lanouette and Chantal Goyette
Chair(s) - Robert Lanouette

10:00 00216 A new model for the consolidation of pigments in paper coating Pianet G., Vidal D., Desaulniers E., Bertrand F.
10:20 00503 The potential of novel SMA chemistries in surface sizing of paper and boards Pervaiz M., Sain M.M., Janardhnan S., Dougherty W.
10:40 00268 The role of deinking parameters in neutral deinking process Nguyen Minh H., Nazhad M., Navaee-Ardeh S.
11:00 00472 Process-based approach for supply chain analysis: application in the pulp and paper industry Laflamme-Mayer M., Stuart P.
11:20 00418 Hybrid modelling of a pulp and paper mill activated sludge treatment plant: steady-state results Brault J.-M., Comeau Y., Perrier M., Stuart P.
11:40 00363 Mechanistic model for nutrient transformations in pulp and paper activated sludge wastewater treatment plants Cotter L., Stuart P.

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