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PROC3L Stukely

Optimal Control and Optimization

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Fraser Forbes and Martin Guay

13:40 00385 Limitations of perturbation-based extremum seeking for the steady-state optimization of nonlinear dynamic systems Chioua M., Srinivasan B., Guay M., Perrier M.
14:00 00040 New non-model based extremum seeking control approach: extremum tracking using process input-output cross correlation Sheikhzadeh M., Jutan A., Rohani S.
14:20 00493 Optimal grade transition policies for an EVA polymerization plant Alleyne I.R., Shah S.L., Sundararaj U., West B.
15:20 00080 Geometric constructions of optimal periodic control trajectories Hoeffner K., Hudon N., Guay M.
15:40 00198 A modeling language for dynamic optimization (MLDO) Chong Z., Swartz C.L.E.
16:00 00161 An optimization model for the design of a hybrid network for the treatment of industrial waste water Saif Y., Elkamel A., Pritzker M.
16:20 00261 Stochastic optimization via Hammersley sampling for rigorous design of chemical processes Dominguez-Palomeque L.F., McLean D.D.

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