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PROC6L Stukely

Statistical Methods

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Amos Ben-Zvi and Sohrab Rohani

10:00 00218 Assessing the quality of time series predictions using generalized profiling Soon A., Harris T.J., McLellan P.J.
10:20 00354 Statistical evaluation of the factors affecting the crystal size of hexammoniate in an industrial crystallizer Jenkins D.H., Lwin T.
10:40 00124 Identifiability of nonlinear differential-algebraic equation systems Ben-Zvi A., McLellan P.J., McAuley K.B.
11:00 00293 Excitation signal design for parameter convergence in adaptive control of linearizable systems Adetola V.A., Guay M.
11:20 00128 Multivariate Image Analysis for on-line estimation of the composition of heterogeneous mixtures of solids Tessier J., Duchesne C.
11:40 00058 Quality control of wood/plastic composites by hyperspectral imaging Gosselin R.., Duchesne C., Rodrigue D.

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