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PROC4L Stukely

Statistical Methods

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Thomas E. Marlin and Hector Budman

10:00 00573 Learning from industrial data: the key to productivity and quality improvement MacGregor J.F.
10:40 00063 Integration of control and design: calculation of the "worst-case" scenario Ricardez Sandoval L.A., Douglas P.L., Budman H.
11:00 00256 Bayesian inference for development of soft sensors Khatibisepehr S., Huang B.
11:20 00495 Soft sensing quality variables for processes with irregularly sampled multirate data Li W., Ni B., Shah S.L., Xiao D.
11:40 00157 Stochastic programming with risk management via minimization of mean-absolute deviation (MAD) for decision-making in petroleum refinery production-operations planning under uncertainty Khor C.S., Elkamel A., Ponnambalam K., Douglas P.L.

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