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PROC8L Stukely

Modeling and Simulation

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Austine Ajah and Ali Elkamel

15:40 00177 On the incorporation of performance indicators-economics, reliability and flexibility in the conceptual Design of infrastructure systems: model development Ajah A.N., Herder P.M., Grievink J., Weijnen M.P.C.
16:00 00186 An improved mathematical programming model for refinery planning Al-Hajri I., Ba-Shammakh M., Elkamel A., Al-Bahri T., Douglas P.L.
16:20 00225 A comparison between referred derivative method and Newton-Raphson method for solving nonlinear simultaneous pressure-flow equations in dynamic simulation Mohajer M., Young B.R., Svrcek W.Y.
16:40 00149 Multirefinery integration and coordination using mathematical programming Al-Qahtani K., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L.

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