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PROC5L Stukely

Process and Control Monitoring/Bioengineering

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - James McLellan and Michel Perrier

13:40 00506 Plant health management: the role of digital automation systems in process monitoring Shah S.L.
14:20 00344 Techniques for diagnosing performance-degradation in model-based real-time optimization systems Sherkin M., Hanley C., Forbes J.F., McLellan P.J.
14:40 00123 MPC performance monitoring using a Bayesian graphical model Agarwal N., Huang B., Tamayo E.C.
15:00 00227 A PCA-based reactor energy balance monitoring scheme for an industrial LDPE/EVA reactor Sharmin R., Sundararaj U., Shah S.L.
15:40 00502 Systems biology: reverse and forward engineering approaches in molecular and cellular biology Kaern M.
16:20 00331 Continuous process optimization using an output sign based switch method Jutan A., Ping Y.

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