Monday AM

POLY1L Brmptn

Polymer Processing

Organizer(s) - Basil Favis
Chair(s) - Denis Rodrigue

10:00 00433 Modelling an internal batch mixer for polymer processing Bai Y., Sundararaj U., Nandakumar K.
10:20 00034 Phase separation kinetics of polymer solutions Tajparast M., Rey A.D.
10:40 00090 An analysis of the crystalline structure of the precursor films used for the production of polypropylene microporous membranes by stretching Sadeghi F., Ajji A., Carreau P.J.
11:00 00018 Relationships between environmental stress cracking resistance and tensile strength of high density polyethylene for pipe applications Cheng J.J., Polak M.A., Penlidis A.

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