Monday AM

POLY2R Magog

Specialized Polymers

Organizer(s) - Basil Favis
Chair(s) - Prashant Bhadane

10:00 00231 Adhesion between glass and a new copolymer measured with the atomic force microscope Bai J., Williams M.C.
10:20 00146 Novel focused ion beam preparation and atomic force microscopy approach for characterization of EPDM/PP blends and their thermoplastic vulcanizates Bhadane P., Virgilio N., Huneault M.A., Favis B.D.
10:40 00125 Fabrication of anisotropic porous polymeric materials Jiang B.T., Chan P.K., Lee K.-W.D.
11:00 00108 Thermally-induced phase separation in thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer/polycarbonate blends Lee K.-W.D., Kamal M.R., Chan P.K.
11:20 00337 Polyethylene nancomposites based on high thermal stability organoclays Stoeffler K., Lafleur P.G, Denault J.

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