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POLY4R Magog

Polymer Processing

Organizer(s) - Basil Favis
Chair(s) - Basil Favis

10:00 00097 Rheological properties of short fiber filled polypropylene in elongational flow Férec J., Heuzey M.C., Carreau P.J., Ausias G.
10:20 00294 Effect of coupling agent on polymer composites made from industrial waste fibres Leduc S., Galindo Ureña J.R., González-Núñez R., Quirarte J.R., Riedl B., Rodrigue D.
10:40 00240 Surface properties of modified montmorillonite Uribe J., Kamal M.R., Lennox B.
11:00 00463 Surface defects of TPO foamed injected molded parts for automotive applications Santoni A., Guo M.C., Heuzey M.C., Carreau P.J.
11:20 00179 Multi-objective design optimization of an industrial LDPE tubular reactor Ray A.K.
11:40 00142 Fluorescence quenching of phenanthrene and anthracene by maleic anhydride (MAH) and n-octadecenyl-succinic anhydride (ODSA) in polypropylene Fang H., Mighri F., Ajji A.

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