Wednesday AM

NTEC3R Magog

New Technologies

Organizer(s) - Gervais Soucy
Chair(s) - Reghan Hill

10:00 00456 Use of oscillatory motion and turbulence promoters to enhance microfiltration processes Rao S., Gomaa H.G., Al Taweel A.M., Koksal M., Fels M.
10:20 00086 Enhanced permeability and reverse-selectivity of nanocomposite membranes Hill R.J.
10:40 00071 Momentum and ion transport in neutral hydrogels with charged spherical inclusions Hill R.J.
11:00 00362 Pervaporation of propyl propionate-water mixtures through PEBA membranes Mujiburohman M., Feng X.
11:20 00126 The antimicrobial effects of ozone and hydrodynamic cavitation in a liquid whistle reactor Chand R., Bremner D.H., Collier P.J., Namkung K.C.
11:40 00442 Experimental investigation of explosion occurrence in underbalanced drilling Shahbazi K., Mehta S.A., Moore R.G., Ursenbach M.G.

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