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FUEL3L d Nations

Hydrogen Production

Organizer(s) - François Gitzhofer and Pierre Bénard
Chair(s) - Nicolas Abatzoglou

13:40 00429 Thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen production by ethanol oxidative steam reforming from atmospheric pressure to supercritical water conditions Srisiriwat N., Croiset E., Therdthianwong A., Therdthianwong S.
14:00 00269 Ethanol steam reforming over Mg-Al mixed oxide-supported nickel catalysts Coleman L.J.I., Croiset E., Hudgins R.R.
14:20 00166 Supported Ni catalysts for oxidative steam reforming of ethanol in the hydrogen production Srisiriwat N., Therdthianwong A., Therdthianwong S.
14:40 00222 Partial oxidation of methanol for hydrogen production over carbon nanotubes supported Cu-Zn catalysts Eswaramoorthi I., Sundaramurthy V., Dalai A.K.
15:00 00087 Autothermal partial oxidation of methyl acetate in a catalytic bed reactor Nguyen B.N.T., Leclerc C.A.

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