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FUEL2L d Nations

Hydrogen Production

Organizer(s) - François Gitzhofer and Pierre Bénard
Chair(s) - Chris Thurgood

10:00 00323 Experimental study and kinetic modeling of hydrogen production by non-equilibrium plasma discharge decomposition of methane Yang Y., Boutot T., Liu Z., Whidden T.K.
10:20 00245 The analysis and design of microchannel reactors Bellemare-Davis C.A., Karan K., Pharoah J.G., Zak G.
10:40 00219 Hydrogen production by non-equilibrium plasma treatment of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas: experimental studies and equilibrium simulation Yang Y., Boutot T., Liu Z., Whidden T.K.
11:00 00191 Anaerobic production of hydrogen in a UASB Bourque J.S., Guiot S.R., Thériault R., Garnier A.
11:20 00288 Status of heat exchange reformers Thurgood C.P., Amphlett J.C., Mann R.F., Peppley B.A.
11:40 00284 Cyclic production of pure hydrogen from syngas via an ethanol intermediate Chladek P., Croiset E., Hudgins R.R., Silveston P.L.

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