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BIO6L Brome


Organizer(s) - Christine Moresoli
Chair(s) - JoŽl Sirois

13:40 00202 Dynamics of ex vivo megakaryopoiesis Hains M.C., Leysi-Derilou Y., Lemieux R., Pineault N., Duchesne C., Garnier A.
14:00 00230 Serum-free media development for the expansion of two types of muscle precursor cells Drouin F., Parent V.A., Sancen-Chaparro L.E., Tremblay J.P., Garnier A.
14:20 00313 Design of a small-scale bioreactor for in vivo NMR analysis of CHO cells Ben-Tchavtchavadze M., Chen J., Perrier M., Jolicoeur M.
14:40 00254 Monitoring of mammalian cell cultures using on-line capacitance measurements Ansorge S., Henry O., Aucoin M.G., Voyer R., Kamen A.A.
15:00 00333 Temperature increases the yield of adeno-associated virus produced in insect cell culture Aucoin M.G., Kamen A.A., Perrier M.
15:20 00484 Adenofection: a simple and efficient process for large-scale helper-dependent adenoviral vector production Dormond E., Durocher Y., Perrier M., Kamen A.A.

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