Wednesday AM

BIO5L Brome

Enzyme Technologies/Food Processing

Organizer(s) - Christine Moresoli
Chair(s) - Amarjeet Bassi

10:00 00498 Proteomic analysis of softwood-degrading fungi Mahajan S., Master E.R.
10:20 00404 Purification of polyurethane esterase enzyme for the biodegradation of polyurethane foam Gautam R., Bassi A.S., Yanful E.K.
10:40 00393 Enzymatic biodiesel production in ionic liquids Ruzich N., Bassi A.S.
11:00 00095 Use of a foaming process for separations in liquid waste streams from poultry and mussel industries Chan N.Y., Rouse M.W., Brooks M.S.
11:20 00267 The effect of electroacidification pre-treatment on the filtration behavior of soy protein extracts Skorepova J., Guettler B., Moresoli C.
11:40 00136 Membrane ultrafiltration applications in food processing: potential and limitations Ali F., Moresoli C., Mondor M.

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