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BIO2L Brome


Organizer(s) - Christine Moresoli
Chair(s) - Grant Allen

10:00 00376 A molecular investigation into the microbial community structure of biofilters treating dimethyl sulphide in the presence and absence of methanol Hayes A.C., Liss S.N., Allen D.G.
10:20 00174 A low-head biofilter for recirculating aquaculture systems Conroy J.M., Couturier M., Ma Z., Zheng Y., Desbarats A.
10:40 00406 Biodesulfurization of diesel by R. rhodochrous IGTS8 using ionic liquids Soleimani M., Bassi A.S., Margaritis A.M.
11:00 00068 Response and stability analyses of a recycle bioreactor with reference to removal of SO2 from a simulated gas mixture Dutta S., Chowdhury R., Bhattacharya P.
11:20 00482 Effects of process variables on biooxidation of ferrous iron by an indigenous Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in a packed-bed bioreactor Mousavi S.M., Jafari A.

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