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BIO1L Memphr


Organizer(s) - Christine Moresoli
Chair(s) - Alain Garnier

10:00 00056 Fluorescence-based chemometric model for probing protein-protein interactions in protein solutions at different pH values and ionic strengths Elshereef R., Budman H., Moresoli C., Legge R.L.
10:20 00279 Protein profiling in culture and conditioned medium by multivariate analysis of LCMS signals Michaud F.T., Garnier A., Lemieux L., Duchesne C. WITHDRAWN
10:40 00447 Whole-cell protein identification using unique peptides Lin Y.-H., Zhao Y.
11:00 00156 Modified reactive SMB for production of high concentrated fructose syrup by isomerization of glucose to fructose Ray A.K., Zhang Y., Hidajat K.
11:20 00476 Cultivations of recombinant chlamydomonas reinhardtii for the production of human interleukin-4 Tang S., Zhang Z.

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