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PLAS1L Mégantic

Plasma Processing I. Nanopowder Synthesis

Organizer(s) - Maher Boulos
Chair(s) - Richard J. Munz and Jerzy Jurewicz

10:00 00516 Inductively coupled thermal plasma synthesis of ceria nano-powders Jia L., Gitzhofer F.
10:20 00546 Induction plasma synthesis of Titania nanopowders Nessim C., Boulos M.I.
10:40 00287 Synthesis of nano-coated Cu nanoparticles for nanofluid applications Qin C., Tavares J., Coulombe S.
11:00 00479 Syntheses of nanostructured carbonaceous materials by thermal plasma technology Kim K.S., Imris M., Soucy G.
11:20 00239 Modélisation de la synthèse de nanopoudres dans un réacteur à plasma inductif Mendoza-Gonzalez N.Y., Proulx P.
11:40 00524 Change of nanostructure and size along the reactor wall in the thermal plasma synthesis of nanoparticles Mostajeran Goortani B., Mendoza N., Proulx P.

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