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PHAR1R St-Fran

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)

Organizer(s) - Nicolas Abatzoglou
Chair(s) - Jean-Sebastien Simard and Mahmoud Mirmehrabi

10:00 00564 Process analytical technologies in the pharmaceutical industry and the role of chemical engineering Levins J.
10:40 00370 Development of a NIR quantitative model to evaluate segregation in a hopper before the compression step of a simple pharmaceutical formulation Abatzoglou N., Cartilier L., Cournoyer A., Simard J.-S.
11:00 00119 Qualitative and quantitative blend homogeneity determination of a multicomponent dry pharmaceutical formulation for direct compression using near-infrared spectroscopy in a V-type blender Lapointe-Garant P.P., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
11:20 00053 Cohesive multicomponent dense powder flow characterization of a pharmaceutical dry formulation for direct compression using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy as a PAT tool Benedetti C., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
11:40 00160 Rheological properties of pharmaceutical powders Léonard G., Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.

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