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PHAR2R St-Fran

Pharmaceutical Processes

Organizer(s) - Nicolas Abatzoglou
Chair(s) - François Bertrand and Jamal Chaouki

13:40 00223 Determination of macroscopic mixing properties of granular materials from particle tracking experiments Doucet J., Chaouki J., Bertrand F.
14:00 00510 Design-oriented research for process understanding and optimization of divided solids mixing in pharmaceutical processes Abatzoglou N., Simard J.-S.
14:20 00030 Mixing effects in crystallization operations in the pharmaceutical industry Paul E.L.
14:40 00036 Quantitative, solubility and molecular structure analysis of buspirone hydrochloride polymorphs (anti-anxiety drug) Sheikhzadeh M., Rohani S., Jutan A., Murthy K., Horne S.
15:00 00171 Thermodynamics insight into pharmaceuticals hydrates: a case study Mirmehrabi M., Tadayon S., Yu Q., Deshmukh S.
15:40 00322 Modeling of granular mixing dynamics using Markov chains and the discrete element method Doucet J., Hudon N., Bertrand F., Chaouki J.
16:00 00075 Development and evaluation of a prediction model for granule properties in a high shear wet granulation (HSWG) process Dasgupta D., Debnath S., Thibert R.
16:20 00257 Comparative study of cohesionless granular mixing in bin- and V-blenders Lemieux M., Gosselin P., Chaouki J., Bertrand F.
16:40 00132 Development of a chitosan nanoparticle carrier for the anticancer prodrug cladribine Domaratzki R.E., Ghanem A.

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