Monday PM

GRCE1R Magog

Green Engineering

Organizer(s) - Esteban Chornet
Chair(s) - Esteban Chornet

15:20 00454 Synthesis of new phosphate materials under ambient conditions Assaaoudi H., Ennaciri A., Harcharras M., Butler I.S., Kozinski J.A.
15:40 00127 Oxygen transport and BTEX degradation in a solid-liquid two phase partitioning bioreactor Littlejohns J.V., Daugulis A.J.
16:00 00151 Mercury adsorption on sulphur-containing activated carbon from petroleum coke Bylina I., Tong S., Jia C.Q.
16:20 00164 Simulation of an amine based CO2 recovery plant Pourjazaieri S.

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