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GRCE2L Aylmer


Organizer(s) - Esteban Chornet
Chair(s) - Jean Paris

13:40 00049 The production of high quality biodiesel fuel from a novel membrane reactor Cao P., Dubé M.A., Tremblay A.Y.
14:00 00014 A novel solid acid catalyst for biodiesel synthesis Gopinath R., Kulkarni M., Meher L., Dalai A.K.
14:20 00061 Liquid-liquid equilibria of the system: methyl oleate, glycerol, hexane and methanol Tizvar R., McLean D.D., Kates M., Dubé M.A.
14:40 00055 Ternary phase diagram for fatty acid methyl ester/methanol/glycerol mixtures Zhang Y., Tremblay A.Y., Dubé M.A.
15:00 00102 Base-catalyzed transesterification of canola oil to fatty acid methyl esters at ambient conditions Ataya F., Dubé M.A., Ternan M.
15:40 00248 Synthetic alcohols (methanol as a prototype) from biomass-rich wastes: a strategy enhancing sustainability Merlo-Sosa L.
16:00 00009 Catalytic liquefaction of wood biomass in sub-/super-critical water Xu C.C.
16:20 00246 Innovative pyrolysis reactor for the conversion of sugarcane bagasse into bio-oil Jacobson M., Berruti F., Briens C.
16:40 00477 The Canadian network on biorefining: a driving force for change Browne T., Kerekes R., Towers M., Paris J.

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