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ENV2L Fraser

Environment and Biotechnologies

Organizer(s) - Michèle Heitz, Josiane Nikiema, Marie-Claude Dion St-Pierre and J. Peter Jones
Chair(s) - Yves Andres and Christian Kennes

13:40 00047 Bioprocesses for VOC and odorous compound removal for air treatment: microbial aspects and engineering Andres Y., Le Cloirec P.
14:20 00048 Determination of the kinetics of methane biofiltration in an inorganic bed Nikiema J., Delhoménie M.-C., Heitz M.
14:40 00049 Traitement d'un effluent gazeux industriel fortement chargé en ammoniac par biofiltration sur support organique - étude de cas: Norsk Hydro Canada Inc. Turgeon N., Ouellet B., Buelna G., LeBihan Y., Grenon N., Bélanger D.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00050 Control of ethanol vapour emissions by biotrickling filtration Avalos Ramirez A., Jones J.P., Heitz M.
15:40 00051 Treatment of air pollution in a gas-solid fluidized bioreactor Clarke K.L., Hill G.A., Pugsley T.
16:00 00052 Capture and bioremediation of toluene from contaminated air in a novel packed bed ELAB Nikakhtari H., Hill G.A.
16:20 00053 Effects of temperature, inlet concentration, gas humidity and water content on a-pinene removal in a fungal biofilter Jin Y., Veiga M.C., Kennes C.
17:00 End of Session

FUEL1L d Nations

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)

Organizer(s) - François Gitzhofer, Viola Birss and Gessie Brisard
Chair(s) - Brant Peppley

13:40 00054 3-D Thermal modeling of a direct internal reforming SOFC Nikooyeh K., Jeje A., Hill J.M.
14:00 00055 Understanding single-chamber solid-oxide fuel cells Roberge R., Savoie S., Napporn T.W., Morel B., Meunier M.
14:20 00056 Development of a characterization tool for triple phase boundary measurement using a tomographic approach Rivard T., Gitzhofer F., Abatzoglou N.
14:40 00057 Engineering of microstructure and design of a planar composite SOFC cathode: a numerical analysis Kenney B., Karan K.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00058 Direct hydrocarbon use in SOFCs Hill J.M., Alzate Restrepo V., Cimenti M., Nikooyeh K., He H., Clemmer R.
15:40 00059 Thin-layer electrolyte fabrication for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells by electrophoretic deposition Lankin M., Karan K.
16:00 00060 Stabilization of ferritic stainless steel SOFC interconnects using thin, electronically conductive metal oxide coatings Paulson S., Bateni R., Wei P., Petric A., Birss V.
16:20 00061 Optimization of solid oxide fuel cell systems using heat integration techniques Srisiriwat A.
16:40 End of Session

GRCE1R Magog

Green Engineering

Organizer(s) - Esteban Chornet
Chair(s) - Esteban Chornet

15:20 00062 Synthesis of new phosphate materials under ambient conditions Assaaoudi H., Ennaciri A., Harcharras M., Butler I.S., Kozinski J.A.
15:40 00063 Oxygen transport and BTEX degradation in a solid-liquid two phase partitioning bioreactor Littlejohns J.V., Daugulis A.J.
16:00 00064 Mercury adsorption on sulphur-containing activated carbon from petroleum coke Bylina I., Tong S., Jia C.Q.
16:20 00065 Simulation of an amine based CO2 recovery plant Pourjazaieri S.
16:40 End of Session

NTEC1L Memphr


Organizer(s) - Gervais Soucy
Chair(s) - Keun Su Kim

15:20 00066 Microreactors in Industrial R&D Moore E.L., Lee F.P., D'Amato M.J.
15:40 00067 Rapid microfabrication of digital microfluidics chips from copper substrates Abdelgawad M., Wheeler A.R.
16:00 00068 Micro-contact printing-based fabrication of digital microfluidic devices Watson M.W.L., Abdelgawad M., Ye G., Trottier J., Yonson N., Wheeler A.R.
16:20 End of Session

POLY3R Magog

Specialized Polymers

Organizer(s) - Basil Favis
Chair(s) - Marie-Claude Heuzey

13:40 00069 Role of carbon black on electrical conductivity and rheology of cyclic olefin copolymer carbon fiber composites Hashemi-Motlagh G., Thompson M.R., Hrymak A.N.
14:00 00070 Effect of recycling on polymer foaming Twite E., Rodrigue D.
14:20 00071 Rheological study of hydrophobically modified polyelectrolytes Guillaud S., Carreau P.J., Heuzey M.C., Polverari M.
14:40 00072 Model systems for the rheological investigation of polymer/clay nanocomposites: effect of flow history on build-up and breakdown of nanoclay structures Mobuchon C., Carreau P.J., Heuzey M.C.
15:00 End of Session

PROC2L Brmptn

Model Predictive Control and Control Applications

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Christopher L.E. Swartz and Yash P. Gupta

13:40 00073 A smaller linear programming formulation for one-norm minimization problems in model predictive control Gupta Y.P.
14:00 00074 Model predictive control based on neural network for hydrochloric acid recovery process Daosud W., Kittisupakorn P., Hussain M.A.
14:20 00075 Fault-tolerant control of process systems using model predictive control Mhaskar P.
14:40 00076 A data-driven predictive control design for solid oxide fuel cells Wang X., Huang B., Chen T.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00077 Stability and performance of LP-MPC cascade control systems Nikandrov A., Swartz C.L.E.
15:40 00078 Stochastic hybrid model of flexible manufacturing systems Egbunonu P.C., Guay M., Graton G.
16:00 00079 Online slurry characterization during settling of polydisperse suspensions using ultrasonic techniques Shukla A., Prakash A., Rohani S.
16:20 End of Session

PROC3L Stukely

Optimal Control and Optimization

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Fraser Forbes and Martin Guay

13:40 00080 Limitations of perturbation-based extremum seeking for the steady-state optimization of nonlinear dynamic systems Chioua M., Srinivasan B., Guay M., Perrier M.
14:00 00081 New non-model based extremum seeking control approach: extremum tracking using process input-output cross correlation Sheikhzadeh M., Jutan A., Rohani S.
14:20 00082 Optimal grade transition policies for an EVA polymerization plant Alleyne I.R., Shah S.L., Sundararaj U., West B.
14:40 Coffee Break
15:20 00083 Geometric constructions of optimal periodic control trajectories Hoeffner K., Hudon N., Guay M.
15:40 00084 A modeling language for dynamic optimization (MLDO) Chong Z., Swartz C.L.E.
16:00 00085 An optimization model for the design of a hybrid network for the treatment of industrial waste water Saif Y., Elkamel A., Pritzker M.
16:20 00086 Stochastic optimization via Hammersley sampling for rigorous design of chemical processes Dominguez-Palomeque L.F., McLean D.D.
16:40 End of Session

PSLM2R Coati

Regulatory Climate

Organizer(s) - Luc Piché
Chair(s) - Robert Gauvin

13:45 00087 La Sécurité Civile au Québec Doré M.
14:45 00088 Le climat réglementaire Lauzon H.
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 00089 Proposed amendments for environmental emergency regulations under Section 200 of CEPA 1999 Hradecky K., Reiss R., Shrives J., Ketcheson K.
16:15 00090 Analyse comparée des réglementations touchant le stockage et le transport de matières dangereuses au Québec De Marcellis-Warin N., Peignier I.
16:45 00091 The control of major accident hazards: what can Canada learn from the leaders? Creedy G.D., Smeding R.S.
17:15 00092 Influence de la réglementation sur la gestion des risques industriels et les accidents : comparaison entre l'Europe et le Canada Maréchal D.
17:45 End of Session

REAC2R St-Fran


Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Corey Leclerc

13:40 00093 Experimental investigation of Taylor vortex photocatalytic reactor for water purification Ray A.K.
14:00 00094 CFD modeling and model verification of UV photoreactors Elyasi S., Taghipour F.
14:20 00095 Modelling of corrosion in the primary coolant circuits of CANDU reactors Silpsrikul O., Lister D., Steward F.
14:40 00096 Intensifying inter-phase mass transfer in multiphase reactors Al Taweel A.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00097 Flow pattern shifts in trickle beds under filtration conditions Hamidipour M., Larachi F., Ring Z.
15:40 00098 Drawdown of floating solids in stirrer tanks: mechanisms and effect of baffle design Khazam O., Kresta S.M.
16:00 00099 Reactivity and stability of Co-Ni/Al2O3 oxygen carrier in multicycle fluidized bed chemical-looping combustion (CLC) Hossain M.M., de Lasa H.I.
16:20 00100 Physicochemical characterization of NiO/Al2O3 oxygen carrier for fluidized bed chemical-looping combustion (CLC) Sedor K.E., Hossain M.M., de Lasa H.I.
16:40 End of Session

THER2L Brome


Organizer(s) - Denis Gravelle
Chair(s) - Juan Vera and Pak Yuet

13:40 00101 Precipitation of asphaltenes and resins from solutions of toluene and n-alkanes Fox W.A., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W.
14:00 00102 A study of adsorption-desorption characteristics of asphaltenes on metal surfaces Rudrake A., Karan K.
14:20 00103 Modeling asphaltene precipitation in heavy oils/bitumens blended with incompatible oils or diluted with multicomponent solvents Tharanivasan A.K., Svrcek W.Y., Yarranton H.W., Hong E., Watkinson P., Rahimi P.
14:40 00104 Predicting coalescence of hydrocarbon/water emulsions from surface pressure isotherms of asphaltene films Urrutia P.I., Sztukowski D.M., Yarranton H.W.
15:00 End of Session

TRAN1L d'Argent

Heat and Mass Transfer

Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Suzanne Kresta

13:40 00105 Drop dissolution: ten times slower than blending, ten times faster than liquid-liquid break-up Ibemere S., Kresta S.M.
14:00 00106 Heat and mass transfer modeling of a novel biodrying process: lumped system approach and preliminary results Navaee-Ardeh S., Bertrand F., Stuart P.
14:20 00107 Measurements of heat and mass transfer coefficients from a cylinder in cross flow using LCDT Saaed S., Slaiman Q.
14:40 00108 Investigations of hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer in multiphase reactors of new configurations Jhawar A., Prakash A.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00109 CFD modelling of membrane filtration hollow fiber system Marcos B., Moresoli C., Skorepova J.
15:40 00110 Numerical simulation of the effects of g-jitters on thermal diffusion process in binary and ternary mixtures Adimoolam A., Mehrvar M., Saghir Z.
16:00 00111 Nonlinear simulation of thermo-viscous fingering in non-isothermal miscible displacements in porous media Islam M.N., Azaiez J.
16:20 00112 Experimental determination of solvent gas dispersion in Vapex El-Haj R.E., Lohi A., Upreti S.R.
16:40 End of Session

GEN1L Memphr


Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Marc Dubé

13:40 00113 Performance and scale-up of the maxblend technology Thome G., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A., Takenaka K.
14:00 00114 Experimental characterization of the coaxial mixer hydrodynamics with non-Newtonian fluids Bonnot S., Fradette L., Tanguy P.A.
14:20 00115 Initial drop size distribution and its effect on prediction of final distribution in dispersed immiscible liquids Abbasi S., Sharif F.
14:40 00116 Exploration of a three-phase breathing semi-fluidized bed as an alternative to mitigating plugging with fines in trickle bed reactors Dehkissia S., Baçaoui A., Larachi F.
15:00 End of Session

GEN2L Brome


Organizer(s) - Committee
Chair(s) - Marc Dubé

15:20 00117 The effect of total pressure on oxidation of oil-based drilling fluids Shahbazi K., Mehta S.A., Moore R.G., Ursenbach M.G.
15:40 00118 Continuous time domain characterization of mixing in agitated pulp chests Patel H., Ein-Mozaffari F., Upreti S.R.
16:00 00119 Mass transfer for different rotors in distillation Li X., Liu Y., Yu H.
16:40 End of Session

GSPCSherbrooke B,C

Graduate Student Poster Competition

Organizer(s) - Josiane Nikiema
Chair(s) - Josiane Nikiema

From 16:40 until 18:40

16:40 00120 Flow-induced metastable liquid crystalline ordering in flexible polymer melts Abukhdeir N.M., Rey A.D.
16:40 00121 The use of artificial neural network (ANN) in order to determine surface tension and viscosity of liquids by the aid of the capillary rise procedure Ahadian S., Moradian S., Sharif F., Amani Tehran M., Mohseni M.
16:40 00122 Alcoholic fermentation kinetic of lager and ale beers Avalos Ramirez A., Deschamps J., Mayrand P., Toussaint A., Lévesque A., Bouillon F.
16:40 00123 Optimal CO2 control strategies with application to the power generation sector Ba-Shammakh M.S, Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Croiset E.
16:40 00124 Near infrared spectroscopy for flowing powder API monitoring - a PAT application for "Quality by Design" Benedetti C., Simard J.-S., Abatzoglou N.
16:40 00125 Preosteoblasts differentiation using a delivery system with BMPs and bioactive glass microspheres in type I collagen gel Bergeron E., Marquis M., Chrétien I., Faucheux N.
16:40 00126 Solvating effect of water on triflic acid : a density functional theory study Bery G., Capehart W., Soldera A.
16:40 00127 Validation of CFD modeling of alkali removal in a molten aluminum treatment reactor Bolduc I., Bannari A., Proulx P., Dupuis C.
16:40 00128 Elimination of endocrine disrupting chemicals nonylphenol, bisphenol A and triclosan using crossed-linked laccase aggregates from the white-rot fungus Coriolopsis polyzona Cabana H., Jones J.P., Agathos S.N.
16:40 00129 Influence of position and composition on adhesion to injection-molded plates as model automotive parts Deng K., Felorzabihi N., Jiang Z., Winnik M.A., Ryntz R.A.
16:40 00130 New dyes for energy transfer in polymers Felorzabihi N., Haley J.C., Rezanejad G., Winnik M.A.
16:40 00131 A model for the production of the carbon black by pyrolysis of methane in a supersonic ICP El Morsli M., Proulx P.
16:40 00132 Interannual changes in aerosol long-range transport for Alert, Nunavut Huang L., Jia C.Q., Gong S.L.
16:40 00133 Dry reforming of ethanol for CO2 sequestration as MWNT using carbon steel as the catalyst Jankhah S., Abatzoglou N., Blanchard J., Gitzhofer F., Hassani-Oudghiri H.
16:40 00134 Hydrogenation/isomerization of vegetable oils over bimetallic supported catalysts on mesostructured silica supports Kemache N., Hamoudi S., Arul J., Belkacemi K.
16:40 00135 From atomistic simulation to mesoscopic simulation on Nafion membrane Laflamme P., Capehart W., Soldera A.
16:40 00136 In-line blend homogeneity determination of a multicomponent dry pharmaceutical formulation using near-infrared spectroscopy in a V-blender process Lapointe-Garant P.P., Simard J.-S., Abatzoglou N.
16:40 00137 Influence of RGD and DGEA peptides on human osteoblast responses to BMP 9 Marquis M., Faucheux N.
16:40 00138 Mixing and heat transfer characterization of a microreactor for the polymerization of high-impact polystyrene Méndez L., Dubois C., Tanguy P.A. WITHDRAWN
16:40 00139 Utilization of olive solid waste (Jift) in removing chromium from synthetic wastewater Nassar N.N., Mardawi Z., El-Hamouz A., Hilal H.
16:40 00140 One dimensional heat and mass transfer modeling of a novel continuous biodrying process: physical modeling and preliminary results Navaee-Ardeh S., Bertrand F., Stuart P.
16:40 00141 The chemical engineering integrated learning project at the Université de Sherbrooke Nikiema J., Heitz M. WITHDRAWN
16:40 00142 Reforming of methane with CO2 by an atmospheric pressure glow discharge Nsungui A.J., Abatzoglou N., Gitzhofer F., Gravelle D.
16:40 00143 Methane emission control in bioreactor landfills Perdikea K., Mehrotra A.K., Hettiaratchi J.P.A.
16:40 00144 Effect of microstructure on erosion rates of copper electrodes in an atmospheric pressure plasma reactor Rao L., Munz R.J.
16:40 00145 Carbon nanotubes as filters for nanoparticles Reddy N.K., Rao L., Qin C., Coulombe S., Meunier J.-L., Munz R.J.
16:40 00146 Matrix treatment of images for obtaining experimental data Rivard T., Nsungui A.J.
16:40 00147 Population balance modelling using the quadrature method of moments Selma B., Proulx P.
16:40 00148 Thermogravimetric studies on VPO catalyst during calcination Shekari A., Hansen K.M.S., Fankem C., Tzakova T., Patience G.S.
16:40 00149 Separation of para-xylene from a xylene mixture via crystallization Mohameed H., Abu Jadayil B., Takrouri K.
16:40 00150 Catalyst loading on microreactor monoliths for low-temperature water gas shift reaction Thomas E., Gates G.
16:40 00151 Liquid-liquid extraction system for optimal separation of glycerol and biodiesel Tizvar R., McLean D.D., Kates M., Dubé M.A.

POS1Sherbrooke B,C


Organizer(s) - Committee

From 16:40 until 18:40

16:40 00152 Extraction and characteristics of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides L. ssp. Indian summer) seed and pulp oils Gutiérrez L.F., Ratti C., Belkacemi K.
16:40 00153 Bioactive lactobionic acid production using a novel nanostructured bimetallic catalyst: optimization of the process parameters Cristea Vlad M., Hamoudi S., Arul J., Belkacemi K.
16:40 00154 Monitoring fluidized bed drying of pharmaceutical granules Bojarra M., Briens L.
16:40 00155 Spectroscopic investigation of asphaltene formation in bitumen-solvent mixtures Butler E.N., Miadonye A.
16:40 00156 Surface display of yellow fluorescent protein on Escherichia coli Narayanan N., Chou C.P.
16:40 00157 Condensation assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide Chunyue J.
16:40 00158 Online HPLC monitoring of biocatalyzed transesterification of benzbromaron metabolite in non-standard solvents: application of immobilized cellulose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) chiral stationary phase (Chiralpak IB) Ghanem A.
16:40 00159 Towards the synthesis of anti-cancer drugs: chiral dirhodium(II) catalyzed asymmetric cyclopropanation of olefins using a new in situ generated phenyliodonium ylides: one pot synthesis and chiral analysis Ghanem A.
16:40 00160 New surface-modification technique for the improvement of corrosion resistance of a biomedical-grade 316LVM stainless steel Shahryari A., Omanovic S., Szpunar J.A.
16:40 00161 Thermodynamic analysis of the interaction between DNA and chitosan and stability of DNA/chitosan complexes for gene transfer Ma P.L., Buschmann M.D., Winnik F.M.
16:40 00162 Studies on the mechanism of thermal gelation of chitosan-glycerol phosphate solutions Lavertu M., Filion D., Schmid A., Zayani M., Buschmann M.D.
16:40 00163 Chondrocyte aggregation in suspension culture is mediated by integrins for freshly isolated chondrocytes and by integrins and N-cadherins for passaged chondrocytes Gigout A., Jolicoeur M., Buschmann M.D.
16:40 00164 Chondrocytes cultured in stirred suspension bioreactors with Pluronic F68 maintain viability with limited cell aggregation and internalise Pluronic F68 Gigout A., Buschmann M.D., Jolicoeur M.
16:40 00165 Predicting dynamic permeate flux decline in milk ultrafiltration using neuro-fuzzy methodology Babazadeh Y., Mousavi S.M., Akbarzadeh M.-R.
16:40 00166 Optimum microbial adaptation route for the biodegradation of high concentration of phenol by Pseudomonas fluorescence KNU417 Kwon K.H., Kwon H.M., Lee K.Y., Song I.K., Yeom S.H.
16:40 00167 Phosphate removal using immobilized scallop shells Kwon H.M., Kwon K.H., Jung K.Y., Lee K.Y., Song I.K., Yeom S.H.
16:40 00168 Extraction of polyphenols in hop bract part discharged from beer breweries and their evaluation by solubility parameter Yamamoto H., Daisei K., Nagano C., Takeuchi F., Shibata J., Tagashira M., Ohtake Y.
16:40 00169 Mitigation of chemical oxygen demand of green liquor sludge emerging from the chemical recovery plant Ikram M., Babar A., Shahid-Ul-Haq
16:40 00170 Determination of chemical changes in the straw based black liquor during its storage at high temperatures Ikram M., Babar A., Kashmiri A.
16:40 00171 Product powder contamination with fines from the inert bodies in spout-fluid bed drying with submerged draft tube Osorio-Revilla G., Alonso-Segura D., Gallardo-Velázquez T.
16:40 00172 Thermal degradation and product powder characteristics in spouted bed drying of liquid feedstocks Osorio-Revilla G., Gallardo-Velázquez T.
16:40 00173 Self cleaning hydrophobic polymer surfaces Hyder M.N., Chen P., Huang R.Y.M. WITHDRAWN
16:40 00174 Studying properties of polypyrrole composites using different solutions and additives Eisazadeh H.
16:40 00175 Modeling of circulating fluidized bed reactor for ethylene polymerization Aghili A., Tafi N., MIrzaei A.
16:40 00176 Optimization of kinetic parameters of polymerization processes using genetic algorithm Sadi M., Dabir B.
16:40 00177 Breakthrough behaviour of H2S adsorption under elevated pressures Wang D.M., Guo H.X., Miao M.Q., Wang H., Chuang K.T.
16:40 00178 Mathematical modeling of a non-ideal trickle bed reactor used for biodesulfurization of deeply hydrodesulfurized diesel to produce NZSD (Near Zero Sulfur Diesel) Mondal S., Chowdhury R.
16:40 00179 Adsorption of cadmium on activated carbon prepared from olive cake waste Aljundi I.H.
16:40 00180 Analysis of an anaerobic filter for the treatment of high fat effluents of edible oil refineries: experiments and modeling Chakraborty C., Chowdhury R., Bhattacharya P.
16:40 00181 Studies on removal of arsenic from contaminated ground water through a microbial route Bag P., Bhattacharya P., Chowdhury R.
16:40 00182 Analysis of non-ideality and washout condition of a chemostat used for bioreduction of hexavalent chromium Samanta K., Bhattacharya P., Chowdhury R.
16:40 00183 Treatment of contaminated water using membrane-based solvent extraction Alex S., Biasotto F., Fournier J., Aroca G.
16:40 00184 SCR catalyst regeneration of a stationary oil-fired engine Lee J.B., Kim D.W., Park K.I., Park K.K.
16:40 00185 Investigation of corrosion on reinforcement concrete with different pozzolans in the sour system Bakhshi E., Abniki F., Mosalla M.

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