Process Dynamics

Monday AM

PROC1L Stukely

Model Predictive Control

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Biao Huang and Prashant Mhaskar

10:00 00026 Nonlinear model predictive control Bequette B.W.
10:40 00027 Robust model predictive control of nonlinear systems with state, control and rate constraints Mhaskar P., Kennedy A.
11:00 00028 A robust MPC with input saturation Li X., Marlin T.
11:20 00029 An adaptive approach to model predictive control of uncertain nonlinear systems DeHaan D., Guay M.
11:40 End of Session

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11:45 All-Conference Event - Awards Luncheon

Monday PM

PROC2L Brmptn

Model Predictive Control and Control Applications

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Christopher L.E. Swartz and Yash P. Gupta

13:40 00073 A smaller linear programming formulation for one-norm minimization problems in model predictive control Gupta Y.P.
14:00 00074 Model predictive control based on neural network for hydrochloric acid recovery process Daosud W., Kittisupakorn P., Hussain M.A.
14:20 00075 Fault-tolerant control of process systems using model predictive control Mhaskar P.
14:40 00076 A data-driven predictive control design for solid oxide fuel cells Wang X., Huang B., Chen T.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00077 Stability and performance of LP-MPC cascade control systems Nikandrov A., Swartz C.L.E.
15:40 00078 Stochastic hybrid model of flexible manufacturing systems Egbunonu P.C., Guay M., Graton G.
16:00 00079 Online slurry characterization during settling of polydisperse suspensions using ultrasonic techniques Shukla A., Prakash A., Rohani S.
16:20 End of Session

PROC3L Stukely

Optimal Control and Optimization

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Fraser Forbes and Martin Guay

13:40 00080 Limitations of perturbation-based extremum seeking for the steady-state optimization of nonlinear dynamic systems Chioua M., Srinivasan B., Guay M., Perrier M.
14:00 00081 New non-model based extremum seeking control approach: extremum tracking using process input-output cross correlation Sheikhzadeh M., Jutan A., Rohani S.
14:20 00082 Optimal grade transition policies for an EVA polymerization plant Alleyne I.R., Shah S.L., Sundararaj U., West B.
14:40 Coffee Break
15:20 00083 Geometric constructions of optimal periodic control trajectories Hoeffner K., Hudon N., Guay M.
15:40 00084 A modeling language for dynamic optimization (MLDO) Chong Z., Swartz C.L.E.
16:00 00085 An optimization model for the design of a hybrid network for the treatment of industrial waste water Saif Y., Elkamel A., Pritzker M.
16:20 00086 Stochastic optimization via Hammersley sampling for rigorous design of chemical processes Dominguez-Palomeque L.F., McLean D.D.
16:40 End of Session

Tuesday AM

PROC4L Stukely

Statistical Methods

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Thomas E. Marlin and Hector Budman

CSChE Award in Industrial Practice Lecture presented by John F. MacGregor

10:00 00232 Learning from industrial data: the key to productivity and quality improvement MacGregor J.F.
10:40 00233 Integration of control and design: calculation of the "worst-case" scenario Ricardez Sandoval L.A., Douglas P.L., Budman H.
11:00 00234 Bayesian inference for development of soft sensors Khatibisepehr S., Huang B.
11:20 00235 Soft sensing quality variables for processes with irregularly sampled multirate data Li W., Ni B., Shah S.L., Xiao D.
11:40 00236 Stochastic programming with risk management via minimization of mean-absolute deviation (MAD) for decision-making in petroleum refinery production-operations planning under uncertainty Khor C.S., Elkamel A., Ponnambalam K., Douglas P.L.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

PROC5L Stukely

Process and Control Monitoring/Bioengineering

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - James McLellan and Michel Perrier

D.G. Fisher Award Lecture presented by Sirish L. Shah

13:40 00311 Plant health management: the role of digital automation systems in process monitoring Shah S.L.
14:20 00312 Techniques for diagnosing performance-degradation in model-based real-time optimization systems Sherkin M., Hanley C., Forbes J.F., McLellan P.J.
14:40 00313 MPC performance monitoring using a Bayesian graphical model Agarwal N., Huang B., Tamayo E.C.
15:00 00314 A PCA-based reactor energy balance monitoring scheme for an industrial LDPE/EVA reactor Sharmin R., Sundararaj U., Shah S.L.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00315 Systems biology: reverse and forward engineering approaches in molecular and cellular biology Kaern M.
16:20 00316 Continuous process optimization using an output sign based switch method Jutan A., Ping Y.
16:40 End of Session

Wednesday AM

PROC6L Stukely

Statistical Methods

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Amos Ben-Zvi and Sohrab Rohani

10:00 00406 Assessing the quality of time series predictions using generalized profiling Soon A., Harris T.J., McLellan P.J.
10:20 00407 Statistical evaluation of the factors affecting the crystal size of hexammoniate in an industrial crystallizer Jenkins D.H., Lwin T.
10:40 00408 Identifiability of nonlinear differential-algebraic equation systems Ben-Zvi A., McLellan P.J., McAuley K.B.
11:00 00409 Excitation signal design for parameter convergence in adaptive control of linearizable systems Adetola V.A., Guay M.
11:20 00410 Multivariate Image Analysis for on-line estimation of the composition of heterogeneous mixtures of solids Tessier J., Duchesne C.
11:40 00411 Quality control of wood/plastic composites by hyperspectral imaging Gosselin R.., Duchesne C., Rodrigue D.
12:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

PROC7L Stukely

Process Control Applications

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Carl Duchesne and Michel Perrier

13:40 00475 Control of catalytic flow reversal reactor: a geometric approach Hudon N., Guay M., Perrier M., Dochain D.
14:00 00476 Neural networks based control of batch MMA polymerisation Ekpo E.E., Mujtaba I.M.
14:20 00477 Performance-driven adaptive PID controller design: theory and experimental evaluation Ohnishi Y., Shah S.L.
14:40 00478 Gas flow measurement: problems and solutions Desaulniers S.
15:00 00479 Dual mode control with neural network based inverse model for a steel pickling process Kittisupakorn P., Daosud W., Hussain M.A.
15:20 End of Session

PROC8L Stukely

Modeling and Simulation

Organizer(s) - Biao Huang
Chair(s) - Austine Ajah and Ali Elkamel

15:40 00480 On the incorporation of performance indicators-economics, reliability and flexibility in the conceptual Design of infrastructure systems: model development Ajah A.N., Herder P.M., Grievink J., Weijnen M.P.C.
16:00 00481 An improved mathematical programming model for refinery planning Al-Hajri I., Ba-Shammakh M., Elkamel A., Al-Bahri T., Douglas P.L.
16:20 00482 A comparison between referred derivative method and Newton-Raphson method for solving nonlinear simultaneous pressure-flow equations in dynamic simulation Mohajer M., Young B.R., Svrcek W.Y.
16:40 00483 Multirefinery integration and coordination using mathematical programming Al-Qahtani K., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L.
17:00 End of Session

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