Plasma Technologies

Tuesday AM

PLAS1L Mégantic

Plasma Processing I. Nanopowder Synthesis

Organizer(s) - Maher Boulos
Chair(s) - Richard J. Munz and Jerzy Jurewicz

10:00 00220 Inductively coupled thermal plasma synthesis of ceria nano-powders Jia L., Gitzhofer F.
10:20 00221 Induction plasma synthesis of Titania nanopowders Nessim C., Boulos M.I.
10:40 00222 Synthesis of nano-coated Cu nanoparticles for nanofluid applications Qin C., Tavares J., Coulombe S.
11:00 00223 Syntheses of nanostructured carbonaceous materials by thermal plasma technology Kim K.S., Imris M., Soucy G.
11:20 00224 Modélisation de la synthèse de nanopoudres dans un réacteur à plasma inductif Mendoza-Gonzalez N.Y., Proulx P.
11:40 00225 Change of nanostructure and size along the reactor wall in the thermal plasma synthesis of nanoparticles Mostajeran Goortani B., Mendoza N., Proulx P.
12:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

PLAS2L Mégantic

Nonequilibium Plasmas

Organizer(s) - Maher Boulos
Chair(s) - Sylvain Coulombe and Pierre Proulx

13:40 00295 Measurements and modeling of non-equilibrium supersonic plasma jets Blais A., Jodoin B.
14:00 00296 Study of the thermal boundary layer of a supersonic impinging plasma jet Xue S., Lakaf Y., Gravelle D., Boulos M.I.
14:20 00297 Induction plasma torch modelling: a comparison between a commercial and an open source package El Morsli M., Bannari R., Proulx P.
14:40 00298 Two temperature chemically non-equilbrium modelling of air/N2 supersonic ICP El Morsli M., Proulx P.
15:00 00299 Two temperature chemically non-equilbrium modelling of Ar/H2 supersonic ICP: a comparison between a commercial and an open source package Bannari R., El Morsli M., Proulx P.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00300 A new "cold" plasma instrument for precise biomedical applications Léveillé V., Coulombe S., Yonson S., Leask R.
16:00 00301 Dry reforming of methane by an atmospheric pressure glow discharge enhanced catalytic reactor Nsungui A.J., Abatzoglou N., Gitzhofer F., Gravelle D.
16:20 00302 Dual plasma synthesis of a metal-ethylene glycol nanofluid Tavares J., Coulombe S., Qin C.
16:40 00303 Study of dye degradation for the optimization of an atmospheric pressure direct-contact DBD and application to a pharmaceutical compound Jureidini J., Coulombe S., Leclair C., Yargeau V.
17:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

PLAS3L Mégantic

Plasma Processing II. Industrial Applications

Organizer(s) - Maher Boulos
Chair(s) - François Gitzhofer

10:00 00401 Materials processing using induction plasma technology Boulos M.I., Dolbec R., Fan X., Guo J.
10:40 00402 Thermal plasma production of fumed silica: the influence of quench conditions and agglomeration on powder properties Pristavita R., Munz R.J., Addona T.
11:00 00403 Induction plasma spraying of refractory metals Fan X., Kovarik O., Boulos M.I.
11:20 00404 Application of two-color pyrometry during impact and spreading of plasma-sprayed particles McDonald A., Chandra S., Moreau C.
11:40 00405 Comparative study on nanostructured SOFC electrolyte deposition using solution and suspension plasma spraying Jia L., Gitzhofer F.
12:00 End of Session

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