Challenges in Regenerative Medicine

Tuesday AM

REGM1L Memphr


Organizer(s) - Nathalie Faucheux
Chair(s) - Kim Jones and Amyl Ghanem

10:00 00192 Interaction of serum protein fibrinogen with a medical-grade stainless steel 316lvm surface Desroches M.J., Omanovic S., Roscoe S.G.
10:20 00193 Relationship between acute inflammation and biomaterial-induced fibrosis Chang A., Doggart J., Jones K.
10:40 00194 Influence of cell adhesion peptides on osteoblast responses to BMP-9 Marquis M., Lord E., Faucheux N.
11:00 00195 Influence of serum on alginate-induced macrophage activation Yang D., Jones K.S.
11:20 End of Session

Tuesday PM

REGM2L Memphr

Tissue Engineering and Delivery Systems

Organizer(s) - Nathalie Faucheux
Chair(s) - Lucie Germain

13:40 00258 Drug delivery and tissue engineering strategies Shoichet M.S.
14:20 00259 Cellular and molecular delivery in a nerve guidance channel Kim H., Tator C.H., Shoichet M.S.
14:40 00260 Preosteoblast differentiation using a delivery system with BMPs and bioactive glass microspheres in collagen Bergeron E., Marquis M., Chrétien I., Faucheux N.
15:00 00261 Gradient biopolymer porous structures Liu S., Nawaby V., Cao X.
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 00262 Development of an injectable gel for embolization of the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) Bonneviot M.C., Lerouge S., Soulez G.
16:00 00263 Statistical design of experiments to optimize the yield of human pancreatic islet progenitors Hoesli C.A., Szabat M., Luu M., Lakey J.R., Korbutt G.S., Piret J.M.
16:20 00264 Chemotactic response of human and rabbit bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells towards components of a hybrid biomaterial for cartilage repair Thibault M., Buschmann M.D.
16:40 00265 Adipose-derived cells for soft-tissue reconstruction: producing human 3D adipose tissues in vitro from precursor cells Fradette J., Trottier V., Vermette M., Saint-Pierre L.
17:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

REGM3L Memphr

Tissue Engineering

Organizer(s) - Nathalie Faucheux
Chair(s) - Nathalie Faucheux and Xudong Cao

10:00 00369 Hybrid biomaterials for regenerative medicine Buschmann M.D.
10:40 00370 A study of the in vitro effects of biomaterials on lymphocyte responses to an allogeneic challenge Farooqui N.Z., Jones K.S.
11:00 00371 Development of a bioactive stent-graft for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) Charbonneau C., Gautrot J., Hébert M.J., Zhu X., Lerouge S.
11:20 00372 Cross-linked chitosan hydrogels for cartilage repair applications Hoemann C.D., Chenite A., Sun J., Hurtig M., Serreqi A., Lu Z., Buschmann M.D.
11:40 00373 Endothelial cell response to shear stress in an asymmetric stenosis model Rouleau L., Farcas M., Tardif J.C., Thorin E., Mongrain R., Leask R.L.
12:00 End of Session

Wednesday PM

REGM4L Memphr

Tissue Engineering

Organizer(s) - Nathalie Faucheux
Chair(s) - Nathalie Faucheux and Xudong Cao

13:40 00434 Synergic action of bone morphogenetic proteins and ascorbic acid on the transdifferentiation of human preadipocytes to osteoblasts Lord E., Bergeron E., Faucheux N.
14:00 00435 Effect of chitosan on bone marrow stromal cell osteogenesis Hoang M.P., Lavalée G., Sun J., El-Gabalawy H., Hoemann C.D.
14:20 00436 CFSE cell division analysis to reveal cytokine effects in erythropoiesis Horner D., Wang W., Audet J.
14:40 00437 A growth model for a stem cell aggregate experiencing hydrodynamic shear Gates I.D., Kallos M.S., Sen A.
15:00 00438 Chondrocyte proliferation at the agarose-media interface resembles appositional mechanisms of the epiphyseal growth plate Tran-Khanh N., Lavertu M., Hoemann C.D., Buschmann M.D.
15:20 End of Session

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